Free download latest NEET Study Material 2020

Free download latest NEET Study Material 2020

The subject Biology is considered as the most scoring, for students preparing for the NEET exam. However, it depends on the level of strategy of preparation. The questions in the exam are simple and it requires your thorough preparation to solve the problems. Biology plays an important role in determining the success of students. There is no way you can neglect this subject.

Students desirous of grabbing a seat in top medical or dental colleges are required to pay additional concentration to Biology. With the increasing number of candidates registering for the NEET examination, the difficulty level of the exam has increased simultaneously. If you look into the past years’ Biology questions, the level of difficulty will be evident. Although the subject demands your concentration and efforts, yet, it is one of the most scoring subjects.

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Study Material for NEET Biology 2020 | Overview

The subject Biology prescribed for NEET 2020 is a relatively broad field of study. Here are the two important part of Biology you need to focus on:

Zoology: As part of the NEET Exam, Zoology is an interesting part of the syllabus. It consists of the study of the animal kingdom, including the structures, embryology, classification, evolution, habits, and distribution of both animals – living & extinct. About 45 questions are listed in this section. Recent trend analysis shows that 35% of questions are of high difficulty level, & 15% of easy level. Check out for the important topics on Zoology.

Botany: This section of Biology is another important aspect of the NEET Exam. It deals with the life of Plants. Botany deals with plant structure, growth, reproduction, biochemistry & primary metabolism development, differentiation, disease & plant taxonomy. About 50% of the questions are of average difficulty, and about 35% of questions are high difficulty level and about 15% of questions are easy to level. Check for the important topics for the NEET exam.

We have a well-prepared Study Material for NEET Biology. Check out for our free samples and enhance your preparation.

How to improve your score for NEET Biology 2020?

The vastness of the syllabus and the difficulty level of the exam, demands the right strategy for preparation. If you look into the preparation of any NEET topper, you will invariably find a strong preparation strategy. Do you want to grab admission in top medical colleges? Let’s learn from the toppers. Here is your guide to improve your score for Biology:

Study the prescribe NEET course regularly. Make a clear routine, and work on it daily.

Be thorough with the NCERT books, as a good percentage of questions come from it

Solve the past year papers, and work out all the level of questions

Learn the weight-age of all the chapters, and spend your time accordingly. Focus more on those the allotment of marks are higher

Mark the important points and keep them for revision

Solve the various levels of online biology tests, and get your performance to analyze. Learn from the mistakes, and develop the skills of time management

Disha Publication has a well-defined way to improve your score for the NEET exam. Candidates have benefited immensely from the use of our study materials. Check out why they loved our NEET study materials. Try out our free samples here, and make your preparation for NEET 2020 an effective one.

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