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Forensic Equipment & Products Supply

Forensic Science – A Overview

Forensic science mentions to the application of various scientific disciplines to substances that may have authorized difficulties. In this intellect, the application of forensic science to the analysis of fires and fire-related crimes contains accurately all features of the basis and basis research of the fire scene. For source and because study is itself its individual discipline of forensic science. By relating the scientific technique to the scene of a fire of unknown cause, the detective makes observations, gathers data, and forms and tests hypotheses, so fire investigation is, in fact, an exclusive area of forensic science.

Forensic Equipment

Yorco manufacture a full range of forensic equipment for use in the hospitals, in the medical laboratory, or in law enforcement offices.

Forensic science is a procedure of learning the systems and techniques elaborate in the protection, analysis, usage, and reasonable analysis of substances of data collected in criminal investigations.

Forensic science is distributed into one of three zones: Biology, Chemistry or Pattern Evidence.  Pattern evidence covers one of the following disciplines: Documents, Firearms/Tool marks and Latent prints.  Forensic products are used to support in collecting of data associated to overhead forensic science zones to assist law enforcement agencies to resolve crimes.

Organized with our associates we are involvement a well-known range of tools that help law enforcement to explain crimes and make the Globe a harmless place.

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Types of Equipment –

  • Bone & Meet Cutting
  • Autospy Saw
  • Autospy Table
  • Mortuary Chamber

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