Five Home Repair Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Five Home Repair Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Repairing your home may be an excellent opportunity to go with the latest remodeling trends in 2020. Below are five exciting home repair trends this year.

More use of natural materials and motifs

With the increased awareness in preserving our natural world, it may be a good idea to go green. There is a certain warmth and comfort that many people feel when they are around materials and themes that have nature’s touches.

The aim is to evoke a similar feeling as when you are relaxing beneath a large tree in a peaceful natural setting. This year, home renovations may include more plant-based and floral improvements.

Integration of richer color palette

Home repairs in 2020 are expected to have the inclusion of bolder colors. The old view of having muted colors may not be gone altogether, but it may take a backseat as more homeowners opt for richer colors in their surroundings, such as bright yellows, pale or brave pinks, organic greens, and bold reds, among others.

White, neutral, and monotone themes are on their way out. The year sees homes with varied paint colors.

Attic remodeling

In 2020, the attic is increasingly being seen as a rediscovered treasure of usable space.Almost any kind of utility for the attic is possible, even a bathroom! With the proper attic cleaning, renovating, and suitable support structures, flooring, and wiring,anything is possible.


The attic is an excellent place for children to play in once it is turned into a colorful wonderland, when it is remodeled into a kid-friendlyand safe space.


Turning the attic into a bedroom is also a rising trend.


People are repurposing their attics into bathrooms in 2020. This is feasible as long as the room gets new plumbing and appropriate flooring and water-proofing.

Home theater room and game room

The attic may be the best home theater room and game room for the family, as well as a room to hang out with friends.


If you need more space for your books but you do not have a library, consider turning your attic into one. It has been beautifully done by others and is getting popular.


Do you have a new baby on the way, or are planning for it? Try the trend of converting the attic into your nursery. You can repurpose it to have a nursing area, a section for changing diapers, and a criband a playing area.

Craft room

In 2020, people are also turning to the attic as a craft room where they can enjoy their hobbies, with suitable workstations and a storage area for your materials.


The attic has been useful for renting out to vacationers, with the rising popularity of Airbnb and similar sites. It can also be used as an extra guest room with its own bathroom.

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Dedicated working places

In 2020 home repair and remodeling, the importance of a separate, dedicated working space has been put to the fore. Home offices help facilitate working in the home while being with the family.

Dedicated working places are becoming more popular especially for dual career couples or working single parents.The coronavirus pandemic has also put more people in work-from-home situations, so that the home has become the office for many in 2020.

Even before the pandemic, increased online connectivity has made it possible and feasible for more employees to work from home and contribute to less traffic and less brick-and-mortar office space and expenses. The internet made it possible to have virtual meetings and virtual employees located halfway around the world.

Having a dedicated working place in the home will enable the parent to separate their work from their family life, while at the same time being accessible to both. This space can be placed in an area with the least distractions and noise, and are usually in a separate room that enables its users to isolate themselves from the kids during worktime.

This space can be a spare bedroom, a former dining area, a part of the patio, and even the laundry room. And of course, the attic has also beena popular place for this.

Spacious modern kitchens

This year, it has become more trendy to increase the space in the kitchen. It is very important to have a well-designed kitchen, and a very important factor to consider is to make it more spacious.

The kitchen is supposed to be a place for joy, where meals are whipped up with much love. Added space can facilitate this, and it is now popular to streamline overall design and placement of kitchen components. This means removing annoying and unnecessary cabinets; designing the visual look to make the place appear brighter and larger; and being creative with storage requirements.

The key is simplicity, and this has been the trend for kitchens this year.

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