Five Great Hangover Cures from Around the World

As long as people have been drinking, there have been recommendations from across the world as to the best way to eliminate the morning-after headaches, pains, and that general feeling of dread. This has differed from country-to-country, with many different places having their unique take on destroying even the worst of hangovers. Spanning from folkloric ideas to concepts based in genuine science, here are five unique hangover cures from across the world.

The Full English Breakfast

For people in England — a land that specializes in fatty, greasy foods — there is no better way to cure a hangover than to indulge in a massive morning-after breakfast. Often sold as a package deal in what they lovingly like to term “greasy spoons,” an English breakfast typically is a combination of sausages, bacon, hash browns, black pudding, eggs and fried bread. While not the healthiest option to pick on a daily basis, for a special hangover cure, it manages to absorb a lot of the negative chemicals even if it makes you want to head straight back to sleep afterward.

A Russian Pickled Cucumber

Naturally, this one is for you vodka drinkers out there. The Russians swear upon the restorative powers of pickled cucumbers, which help to balance the sodium and water balance in your stomach. For another sour variation, sour cabbage can help to aid your upset stomach with vitamin C and probiotics. Other Russian recommendations are a hearty borscht, solyanka or Georgian kharcho soup, which fills the stomach with wholesome goodness instead of destructive alcoholic chemicals.

 Bavarian Sausage and Beer

Naturally, the Southern German option, known as Weißwurstfrühstuck (literally white sausage breakfast), involves sausages and a wheat beer. While it may seem like the last consideration on your mind to ingest any alcohol, the hair-of-the-dog, or what the Germans call a Konterbier (counter beer), can help to restore some normality to your body. Just don’t forget to also drink lots of water to also counteract the natural dehydrating effects that can be associated with a beer.

 A Finnish Sauna

If you happen to be boozing on a spa holiday, then the Finnish option of sitting in a 176 degree sauna could be the perfect solution for you. These nordic people believe that by sweating out the negative toxins, your hangover can be quickly availed. If the sauna is unavailable, we would recommend the professional hangover service courtesy of

A Cincinatti Chilli

For an all-American option, why not invest in a Cincinnati chili? Voted as the best hangover cure in the country, this Greek immigrant-inspired foodstuff — consisting of spaghetti, chili sauce and chopped cheddar — is sweared upon by the natives of the city thanks to its hearty combination of carbs and grease, perfect for rebalancing the stomach after a particularly heavy night. Other regional dishes that have been recommended include Buffalo wings, Louisville hot brown, Sonoran hot dog, Canada’s poutine, Philadelphia scrapple, and South Jersey panzarotti.

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