Digital marketing · April 25, 2021

Five benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social Media have changed everyone’s life a bit, including those in the company who deal with marketing, since this channel has become a primary tool not only for advertising but also for relationships.

Social Media, therefore, are not only a convenient communication channel for people all over the world (think of practically live images of socially relevant events or facts) but also a powerful marketing tool (even political).

For companies, today it is quite easy to expand their online presence by taking advantage of the greater visibility offered to them by Social Media and the specific marketing activities developed for this channel. This post will briefly talk about five advantages that Engaged Social Media Marketing offers to companies.

1. Easy interaction with life in the real world: 

Each of us likes to be able to ask questions quickly, easily, and above all by addressing a wide audience of interlocutors so that we can certainly find an answer. Thanks to Engaged Social Media, to do this, you just need to have an Internet connection; this channel, in fact, allows instant communication between companies and their customers, who can not only ask questions and receive answers, but also propose ideas and provide timely feedback on product quality and possible problems (and much more). This is basically a perfect way for businesses to keep in constant contact with their market, offer ad hoc solutions, and modify products and services to better respond to customer needs.

2. A low-cost marketing platform:

Sharing and promoting the marketing message has never been easier and cheaper: Social Media represents an effective, efficient and inexpensive way to push your brand on the market. Small businesses and companies of all sizes and types can carry out campaigns aimed at specific audiences with minimal investments and reach many potential customers both through advertising and through the proposal of contents.

3. Increase in brand recognition and loyalty:

Social Media are a very powerful way to make the brand and its characteristic values ​​known to the public; Furthermore, exposure to this digital channel makes the brand more accessible to new potential customers, as people often check the social profiles of companies they are interested in and want to know more about. The idea is to frequently update the company page and its profile in order to make them more attractive and thus attract many new contacts – at the same time favouring the involvement of those who already follow us. Finally, a punctual and careful interaction, precise answers, and interesting content proposed regularly on Social Media can improve the customer experience and foster their brand loyalty.

4. Traffic growth on corporate websites:

Whatever is posted on profile in Social Media, it is an incentive for users to browse the company website – maybe just to deepen some specific topics. The more content that we present is interesting and well-made, the better the chance of attracting additional traffic and generate new leads; moreover, the corporate brand will be more recognizable (and visible) thanks to the fact that Engaged Social Mediausers tend to share what they find worthy of interest: a sort of virtual word of mouth.

5. Social Media offers efficient analytical tools:

A series of detailed metrics on user behaviour, the number of people who read our posts, the various comments, shares, and “likes” that are attributed to us offer the possibility of measuring both detailed and overall data related to our popularity, and the knowledge that we obtain allows us to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Complete Marketing Automation platforms include specific functions for the support of Social Media, integrating analytical tools, facilitating the creation of Custom Audience (a sort of segmentation of the social audience) and allowing you to schedule posts.

Epilogue Hopefully, this blog has given you in-depth knowledge about the benefits of social media marketing. Share your views with us in the comment section below.