Finding Good Mattresses in India?

Finding Good Mattresses in India?

There are many top mattresses in India, providing the care that people are looking for.  After a long day at work, a good night sleep is the best option to feel fresh in the morning. However, that is possible with a comfortable mattress and a peaceful mattress. A mattress not only facilitates decent sleep but it also reduces neck and back pain.

There are many brands available in the market and various factors that should be considered such as firmness, material and thickness. One such brand is Eclipse International. Established in 1905 with the aim to provide the best mattresses to users, the company was founded by Sam and Max Weisglass who migrated from Ukraine to New York City in the 1890s.  Based on the principles of tradition, quality and fine craftsmanship, the brand grew tremendously marking its presence globally. It has come a long way since inception and one of the reasons is its aforementioned principles that are followed to date.

The brand combines old-world traditions with innovative and new technologies to improve the user’s sleep experience. It also has some patented technologies to improve the quality of the mattresses. The founders believed that there is a relationship between health and sleep. Luckily, these mattresses can be found in India too. It has spent years in research and development perfecting their offerings to serve the customers to the best of their abilities. Moreover, all the mattresses have a minimum of 5 years of warranty and are constructed with the most advanced technology to take care of back issues.

It offers a wide range of top mattress series such as Comformatic, Ortho, Contour, Latex and Visco.

Conformatic: This range offers pocketed spring mattresses that feature equal distribution of pressure, corner-to-corner support and works in harmony by giving a unique shape to the body. All these features allow the user to move effortlessly without disturbing the partner. It also relieves various pressure points and provides a seamless sleeping experience. This is available in two models, Portofino and Portofino PT. Both are quilted with superior upholstery fillings to deliver the best support and comfort.

Latex: As the brand uses the best quality materials to produce the best mattresses, natural latex is used in crafting this series. The natural latex is selected and tested before it is finalized. This series has various benefits such as it has antibacterial properties, evenly distributes the body weight and supports any sleeping position. Moreover, it is environmentally safe, breathable and ventilates properly. One of the best options available for people suffering from Asthma. The latex foam relaxes your body’s pressure points providing restful sleep. The series has four models harmony, Princeton, ortho and Portofino. The harmony model is crafted with luxurious high resilience foam as a base along with durable latex on the top offering the best of both worlds.

Ortho: Not everyone can peacefully sleep on a hard mattress as it can cause pains and aches. Keeping this in mind, the brand came up with the Ortho Series. This is a special series that is specially designed to provide support and comfort. Manufactured with high-density PUF, it offers enhanced lumbar support. It beautifully adjusts to the natural shape of the user’s spine, reducing back & neck pain. As the name suggests, this is the topmost choice of many chiropractors these days. It’s available in three models, ortho care et, ortho care and orthopsine, giving the user a chance to find the perfect product.

Visco: Engineered using the most advanced and finest anti-allergen memory foam. Besides offering the basic features such as relieving body aches, soreness if any and providing comfort. This series also alleviates extreme spinal conditions while improving overall sleeping posture. The memory foam material allows the mattresses itself in accordance with the user’s body weight and heat. When lying down it also helps in proper spinal alignment. This is an overall package!

Contour Care: Endorsed by chiropractors, this series is a part of the brand’s international product line. In this series, Bonnel coil inner springs (old and traditional form) are used. These are long-lasting and supportive of the back problems. Everyone is looking for in a mattress. There are two models under this series called as Princeton and Princeton PT.

Crafted to offer comfort at various levels, these mattresses are tried, treasured and trusted.

The brand’s portfolio also includes kids mattresses that are built with Bonnel springs, providing comfort to the kids. Similar to the Latex series, this has also anti-bacterial properties that keep the bacterias away from the kids as well as babies. Giving the care they need!

That was all on one of the top mattresses available in India. These days with a sedentary lifestyle everyone has some sort of health problems that can be elevated with a wrong type of mattress. It’s better to consult a doctor or chiropractor and find the mattress that can lessen the back issues. This brand offers not only the best quality bed mattresses but a few are recommended by chiropractors. Hope that the aforementioned information will be worth the time and help the customers to choose the good mattress in India that meets all the requirements.

Brand Description: Since 1905, Eclipse International has been providing quality mattresses to improve sleep quality and reduce neck & back pain. Committed to offering the best sleeping experience to its customers, the company implements some of the most advanced technologies. The brand has come a far way marking its presence in many countries. Click to find mattress shop near me.

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