Fashion Tips Ahoy: Which Pastel shade is the best for you?

Fashion Tips Ahoy: Which Pastel shade is the best for you?

Summer calls for pastel shades. The intense weather is already attacking us with its brutal hot breaths and deciding on a fresh and breathable color range for our wardrobe is extremely important now. Given the season that it is now, it’s high time you should revamp your wardrobe and add bulk of pastel shades into it.

We know you love wearing bold and dark shades to look bold and confident, and we know you LOVE all the hues on the rainbow card. And so do we, but it’s a must you follow a pastel shade card for your summer style, believe us and you will be thanking us later in the season. So now that you have made up your mind to try out some pastel shades, one thing important to note is that all the pastel suit do not look good and presentable on all skin tone.

The answer to ‘which pastel color should you wear this summer’ depends a great deal on the skin tone you have. There are some shades that look stunning on a certain complexion, but they might not accentuate the tone of others. So before you spend your bucks on the wrong shade card, we suggest you have a look at this guide that we have specifically dedicated to pastel shades. 

  1. The right pastel shade for the lighter toned beauties

The reason why you must pay special attention to the pastel shade that you want to invest in is that one wrong shade and your overall outfit will look like a total wreck. The wrong shade can composite into your skin tone and give a meek appearance. So what is on the shade card for the light-toned beauties? Well, the baby blue and baby pink are the best picks for you. This Eid, go for a pastel blue or pastel pink shade and rock it. You can also sport pastel purple, green, ivory, rustic, china blue and many more.

  1. What’s in for the medium skin tone?

This skin tone is lucky with the pastel shades because majority of the colors look amazing on this skin shade. From light pink, to baby blue, mint green and buttery yellow, all colors balance and complement the medium skin tone and look super striking. The best way to balance these pastel shades is to pair them up with either black or white hues. Other colors that look extremely astounding on medium skin tones include dove grey, lavender mist, pale pink and peach.

  1. The darker skin toned gorgeous ladies should flaunt these colors this summer

While many believe that pastel shades do not suit dusky beauties, we declare it a myth. And while we are debunking this myth, let us also take the opportunity to tell you that the pastel shades look specifically very gorgeous on the darker skin tones. The pastel hues like aqua, lavender, pastel maroon, mauve, periwinkle and cream look absolutely stunning on dark and dusty skin tone. But the rule is to go for lighter shades and avoid mix and match of two or more pastel shades together. You can easily get the hottest pastel shades for the summer by doing women kurtis online.

Some important things to note is that in summers, it is ideal to pair up these shades with blacks or whites to avoid too much color mixing.

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