Fashion · October 5, 2020

Facts You Need to Know About Men’s Hair Loss

Pune is a city in Maharashtra, India, known for being a major educational and cultural center. It is located at the junction of the Mutha and Mula rivers.  The city is one of the country’s top tourist destinations that offers cool weather, religious and historical monuments, hotels, parks, museums, and cultural attractions.

Moreover, Pune is also known for its food items that you cannot find in India’s cities. Most tourists are coming back to Pune to taste some of its finest dishes, such as bakarwadi, amti, sabudana khichdi, and bhel, to name a few.  Pune dishes are generally rich in protein, thanks to nuts, beef, and some veggies. Protein is known to be a good nutrient that is good for hair growth.

When you think about hair growth, there are also some foods that you need to avoid if you love your hair. Too much sugar, artificial sugar, fats, alcohol, and fishes that carry mercury is not good for your hair. However, these foods taste so good, and you can’t deny that at least one of them is included in your diet.

Twenty-five percent of men go bald in their 30s. If you see hair loss signs, you should find a good hair loss treatment for men in Pune. However, just because you see some hair fall doesn’t mean losing all your hair. Below are the things you need to know regarding men’s hair loss.

How do you know if you are going to go bald?

If you are losing some hair, it doesn’t mean that you are going bald right away. Male pattern baldness is caused by genes, while various factors cause hair loss.

If you are losing some hair patches in different areas of your head, you are dealing with alopecia. This is a condition where a person gets patches of bald spots on the head or. However, in some cases, on the other parts of the body. Alopecia is autoimmune (your immune system attacks your hair follicles). While it is believed to have a hereditary factor, it is different from male pattern baldness.

If the hairlines on your temples and crown are receding regularly, chances are you are dealing with male pattern baldness. 

How soon will you lose your hair?

Men’s hair loss occurs in the 20s, but it usually takes 15-25 years before going bald. Half of the men in their 50s are going bald. In some cases, however, men go bald within five years. It is not easy to know the exact length of the process.

Are you losing your hair because of your genes?

If you are dealing with male pattern baldness, you lose your hair because your body is becoming sensitive to androgens, male sex hormones, affecting your scalp. This process is hereditary.

On the other hand, you may also lose your hair because of surgical procedures or illness, stress, scalp infections, and hormonal changes. Mostly, these are temporary hair loss.

Does sexual frustration or emotional stress cause baldness?

Stressful events cause some hair loss. If you see signs of hair loss randomly, this could be stress-related or something else, but not male pattern baldness. Moreover, this is not caused by sexual frustration. It is best to see your doctor for a checkup.

Can I stop my hair from falling out?

Everyone will eventually lose their hair naturally, and it is normal for hair to get thinner as you age. However, you cannot stop the male pattern baldness as it is a genetic condition.

Traction alopecia is a hair loss condition that is caused by pulling of hair for an extended period. It is caused by wearing tight ponytails, braids, or cornrows. If you don’t want to deal with this kind of hair loss, avoid pulling your hair tight excessively.

Can it be treated?

Baldness occurs naturally. Ask yourself whether you want to treat it, camouflage the bald spots, regain your hair, or accept it. If you have decided to treat it, you can visit your doctor to recommend hair loss treatment for men in Pune. Common drugs that can help you deal with hair loss are minoxidil lotion and finasteride.

There are other effective treatments as well, such as laser and micro-needling. It is always advisable to ask a doctor for guidance. Dealing with hair loss is one of the most problematic situations many men are facing. However, understating the causes of your hair loss will make it easier for you to treat it.