Facts vs. Fiction about Toilet and Plumbing Problems

Facts vs. Fiction about Toilet and Plumbing Problems

Homeowners will have to face plumbing issues at least once in their lifetime. Usually, they go to
the Internet or ask their friends for tips. During this process, they may come across claims, and
they aren’t sure whether they’re real or not.
If you’re in this position, below are some facts and fictions about toilet and plumbing problems:

  1. Clogged Toilets Can Resolve Themselves
    Fact —The answer is true, but it also comes with a caveat, especially if you’re dealing with a
    blocked toilet.
    The Science — Clogged drains may resolve themselves because of gravity. Water will always
    find its way down and out of the toilet. The water pressure can help unclog it. However, you
    need to be patient. It may take a whole day before you see results. But if the primary issue is a
    blocked toilet, your waiting is futile. The next step is to use a toilet plunger. However, this only
    works if the blockage is small.
    Call the Experts — The best solution is to call plumbing experts. The sooner you can identify the
    root cause, the faster you can resolve the problem. You are also less likely to experience the
    same issue anytime soon. Plumbing specialists can look at the pipe network in and around your
    home. Sometimes the primary cause is outside, such as a tree growing in your yard.
    Trees can also cause a problem —The roots of trees can penetrate underground, and if your
    pipe already has issues, they can grow inside the line. If this happens, they can block the drain,
    causing the water to flow back to the toilet. Worse, the pipes may burst anytime. Usually,
    plumbers use a special camera to insert into the pipe. This way, they can correctly identify the
    problem and identify the spot that needs repair or even replacement.
  2. You Can Die from Toilet Smell
    Fiction — Toilet smell is nasty and annoying, but it usually doesn’t cause any health problems. It
    becomes one if the odour is already that of sulphur or ammonia. It indicates that bacteria have
    already contaminated the water.
    Watch out for sewer gas — Also, people can die from sewer gas. In India, over 300 sewage
    have already died since 2015. The combination of toxic and nontoxic compounds may
    create hydrogen sulphide. This chemical can enter the body and damage the organs that may
    result in severe illnesses or death.

Call the doctor — Note that these health issues happen only when you expose yourself to the
gas for a prolonged period or if the quantity of the gas present is massive, particularly at 300
Nevertheless, if the smell is strong and you’re feeling dizziness, fatigue, and loss of appetite, call
the plumbing experts right away and bring yourself to the doctor.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda Can Unclog Toilets
    Unproven — No official study showed that this DIY solution could help unclog toilets. Usually,
    homeowners combine a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar. They mix these two and pour
    into the toilet. The chemical reaction will create bubbles, but supposedly, to be effective, you
    need to leave the mixture for a few minutes. This solution may help dissolve poop clogging the
    Take extra caution — Keep in mind that baking soda is abrasive and vinegar can be corrosive.
    They can also irritate. If the cause of the blocked toilet is something else, then this solution
    won’t be of any help. In the end, you’re better off asking assistance from professionals.
    Opt for the experts — While some of the claims about plumbing issues may be true, it’s best to
    rely on the experts. These are people who spend enough time to train and learn about these
    problems so they can help you better.

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