Factors to Consider While Buying an Air Conditioner

To escape from this crouching summer, it is ideal to go for an ac which will save you from the heat.  You can shop for the air conditioner of your choice through Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. This network spread across the country has innumerable products available across 60000 outlets both online and offline.

You can even use your EMI Network Card offered by Bajaj Finserv or you can avail the finance option available at the store. Whatever may be the option, you get flexible EMI plans that will suit you the best. Now, you should know about the factors to be considered while buying an ac.

  • Pick up the right type of air conditioner

There are different kinds of air conditioners available such as split air-conditioner, an inverter air-conditioner, a window air-conditioner and a portable air-conditioner. If your room does not have a window then go for split air-conditioner which will suit all types of wall. If you want to save power then go for inverter air-conditioner which through its sensor gauge the temperature of the room and adjust power and saves energy. If you have a window, go for window air-conditioners as they are economical than other types of air-conditioners. If you go for portable air-conditioner, you need not have to drill holes on the wall.

  • Install the right size

You should choose the right size of the air-conditioner based on factors like the size of the room, the number of people who will occupy the room and the amount of sunlight that will filter through that room. Based on this you have to choose the tonnage. If your room measures 9×10 feet then go for 1 tonne or if it is 10×15 feet then go for 1.5 tonnes. When you go for the right tonnage, it will lower your power bills and you can also use your air-conditioner to the optimum.

  • Check the Energy Efficiency Rating

Check for the EER rating of your air-conditioner. Higher the rating then lower will be your electricity bills. So you should go for an air-conditioner with a 5-star energy rating which will consume less power and you will save on your electricity bills.

  • Choose the right brand

Always go for popular brands such as LG, Voltas, Blue Star and O General when you are buying your air-conditioner. Though these are expensive, these come with features and specifications which will make them stand out from the rest.

The popular brands will have dedicated service centres to carry out the maintenance checks and also address issues through their customer care services. Air conditioners need to be serviced regularly even if they are working fine. So it is ideal to go for popular brands so that you will get the parts also very easily.

Now that you know all the factors well, act wisely and buy the right air-conditioner for your home.

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