Health and Fitness · November 20, 2020

Eye Care & the Importance of Regular Eye Check-Ups

Eyes are the most sensitive organ and one of the most important senses that help us perceive everything. Although everyone is aware of the importance of eyes, very few actively work towards proper eye care and maintaining hygiene.

Eye check-ups at regular intervals at eye clinics in Mumbai can be done to keep a tab on the eyesight power. More often than not, people get visual acuity tests done and think it suffices the need for eye care. However, a full eye examination is much more different and detailed than the general and common visual acuity test. A visual acuity test is based upon how comfortably the person can read alphabets from a certain distance. The eye doctors in Mumbai manually assess the lens power with this test along with the help of a machine-based test for accurate eye power.

An acuity test should be done regularly, but the need for an overall eye exam does not go away with just a visual test. At least once in two years, a person should get a complete eye test done as it involves testing of deeper visual functions. Qualified ophthalmologists at eye hospitals in Mumbai look for several underlying problems during a full eye check-up, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and cataract development. Early detection of symptoms of such problems helps in effective treatments without compromising the vision.

Various health problems such as diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, etc. can seriously affect a person’s vision. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that people with such diseases get regular eye check-ups done.

A few changes made in lifestyle can also greatly affect eye care and promote healthy eyes.

  • Limiting the screen time such as smartphones, laptops, and other digital devices can help in relaxing the eye muscles.
  • Special eye-wear with anti-reflective glasses helps absorb the damaging blue light emitted by the screens;
  • A nutrients rich diet with lots of vitamin C, calcium, and zinc also boosts better vision;
  • Maintaining the eye contacts well and cleaning them properly before use helps reduce the risk of infections;