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The Rajasthan countryside’s elegant cuisine, incomparable architecture and sheer scenic beauty will suffice to make Jaipur a world-class attraction. And this town has so much more to come. Jaipur is filled with mesmerising markets, richly adorned elephants effortlessly doing their work, enchanting cultural perspectives, and at every point a maze of vibrant dream palaces. In Jaipur, a trendy pink hue pervades it, thus the term “Pink City.” Here you can see the glamorous cityscape absolutely covered in a light, sparkling blush hue that enhances every evening as the sun sets down. All who wish to pay a visit to Jaipur to explore their royal past will consider Jaipur Tour Package a great accompaniment. Every iconic Jaipur location with a royal heritage of Rajputana, hidden mysteries, and valiant battle marks has been protected in the quintessential Jaipur Tour Package so that wanderers around India can conveniently explore and acquaint one with these locations.

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Amer Fort- Situated in Amer Town, Amber Fort is among Jaipur’s finest strongholds and a historic site of great significance. Often commonly known as the Amer Fort, Amber fort is constructed with the strength of marbles and red stones. In the past, Amber fort had been the kingly capital of classic Jaipur and residence to the then Rajput kings. The vast fort was segmented into four main areas in which each area had its own entrance gate, followed immediately by a courtyard. Shila Mata Temple, Jas Mandir and beautiful Sheesh Mahal are among the most famous tourist sites at this fort.

Gangaur Festival- Gauri, the goddess of prosperity, is worshipped for Gangaur Fair in Rajasthan state during the springtime. Young girls pray for a good future partner while married women pray for their spouses ‘ well-being and healthy marriages. When this festival passes over the streets, the people assemble to watch a specially holy ritual that involves songs and the god Shiva and Parvati embodiments. This festival, as a show of the genuinely dedicated, is unique in sentiment.

Handi Restaurant- InHandi’s skilful possession, the unique flavours of Tandoori and Mughlai food from far southern India get a whole new understanding. Visitors have called it the “Best North Indian Restaurant” for its multicultural mix of ingredients and culture. For 30 years they have been cultivating creative dining, while they are renowned for their Chicken Kali Mirch and other variants of roti cooked in clay pots.

Jaipur is a beautiful city in the middle of its rosy ancient palaces with a vivid variety of colours. A city lit in pink would seem strange in other areas, but here on the edge of the desert, both physically and ideologically at an enormous range from the Western world, Jaipur looks eternally peaceful. Clashing and spinning celebrations with noisy shades and all the hues of kites floating overhead–this is what makes Jaipur the vibrant, lively, deeply alive city it is. Explore every bit of Jaipur with the best Jaipur Tour Package.