General · January 23, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Planters


Gardening is a hobby that has numerous mental and physical benefits. Now, people of all ages are eagerly taking up this activity to get in touch with nature. Consequently, the demand for sleek, stylish pots and planters are also on the rise. Large and elaborate planters are now often replaced by more artistic and elegant designs. Leading sellers in Australia, supply wholesale planters that one can purchase in bulk at an affordable price if they are thinking of entering the gardening field. Besides their utility as planting pots, planters made of ceramic materials are perfect for decorative purposes, owing to their highly artistic design. Many wholesalers are now very particular about the design and the quality of the products they deliver to maintain deep relationships with the customers.

Here is a look at some of the essential features and facts about planters one should know about, before getting in touch with them.


Modern planters made of materials like ceramic and wood are extremely durable and result in top-heavy plants taking advantage of them. The plant will be safer while facing a strong gust and would not tumble. Additionally, these planters carry the plant’s entire weight, saving the plant from any external disturbances.  

Optimal Temperature Maintenance

Most modern pots made of ceramic and wood ceramic planters are very efficient and eco-friendly in their overall function. Apart from their alluring design, the thick walls present in most pots protect the plants from any chances of sudden temperature drops. During summer, the pot acts as a shield and protects the plant from absorbing too much heat. During summer, the planters also help trap enough moisture in the soil, which is vital for houseplants’ sustenance.

The Size Factor

The size of the desired plant should determine the size of the pot. Plants like anthurium and aloe are smaller in size while dracaena and snake plant are taller. From wide-ranging sizes, colours and forms, one should wisely choose pots suitable for his/her plants. If the selected planter is too small, there is a high chance that the plants would become root-bound and such a case would hamper any chance for growth due to the absence of space. The soil’s capacity to hold moisture content will also be lost, which will lead to wilting.  

The Rising Popularity of Muted Colours

Since minimalistic designs are winning everyone’s heart these days, people tend to prefer pastels, white and grey over deeper shades like bright red and dark blues which were popular earlier. Matching the colour of the planter to the wall is also in vogue these days. In addition to matching, whites and pastels have the unique ability to give the impression of a bigger size.

An Upper Hand For Ceramic Planters

People buying wholesale planters, or in other words, people who take gardening seriously are keen on experimenting with the planters’ form and appearance, and they follow a personalised way of selecting products. Consequently, ceramic pots have become the most sought after pots because of the artistic versatility they bring along. For this reason, they are suited for both indoor and outdoor furnishings, and people tend to prefer elegance and beauty over convention.