Lifestyle · March 18, 2020

Essential Factors to Avoid Tree Pruning Mistakes

Pruning a tree is one of the essential tasks to maintain the health and proper growth of a tree. But many people are not sure what to do or not in tree pruning and hence left harming the tree. However, if you are experimenting with pruning your trees and shrubs, determine the proper pruning procedure for your precious plants.

Also, we have discussed some essential factors which you must avoid while trimming your tree.

Improper pruning cut


Proper pruning size minimizes damage to the tree and allows it to heal quickly. Whereas improper cutting can cause permanent damage to a tree. If you do a flush-cut, it will remove the collar from the branch and leaves a large sore on the side of the tree that does not heal properly. On the other hand, a truncated cut leaves dead stem on the tree, which further decomposes backward through the middle of the collar and into the trunk of the tree. These two damaging cuts cause decomposition, which could lead to death.

Topping a tree

Topping means removing large stems or trunks from the top of a tree. The lining can both distort and weaken your tree at the same time. Pruning a tree from above can also pose safety risks, and therefore you may want to consider calling the professionals. Professional tree removal Kellyville will cut trees appropriately to keep the tree the right size so that it can retain its aesthetic structure again.

Trimming at the wrong time

When it comes to pruning trees, there are several factors to consider first. You must make sure to work with the natural cycles of the tree and only cut during the off-season of the tree. The trees that are germinating new branches and leaves are already stretched to the limits of energy resources. Flooding the tree further with pruning stress can overwhelm the tree.

If you want to determine the ideal time to cut a tree, contact a trusted and experienced tree service provider near your area.

Poor techniques and dirty tools

Just getting a tool and cutting the branches without any proper technique can give the tree an imbalanced appearance, weight, and scars that are oversized. When pruning or removing branches, be sure to make the final cut at the top of the branch neck.

Also, avoid using dirty tools while pruning trees as they can be a medium of transferring diseases and bacteria that might kill the tree. Therefore, it is essential to have the right and clean tools for cutting trees.

Not hiring the professionals

Professionals who provide comprehensive tree maintenance services have the expertise and knowledge to prune trees. They know the right techniques, can keep people safe on the property, and have the right tools and pruning equipment. This is why it is essential to hire a reputable company to do the job.

Bottom Line

To avoid the pruning mistakes, hire a tree removal Kellyville professional. As they have proper knowledge and techniques to provide you with safe and effective tree pruning services. Also, take a look at the points mentioned above if you want to conduct trimming service yourself.