Real Estate · July 20, 2019

Ensuring Health and Safety during Construction by Joseph Grinkorn

For bringing something good is never an easy task, as a well-constructed building, home and office may give you a thought about- Look at this, money can make everything possible. The more you put in, the best you get from it.

Although it’s not about money only, along with good investment all you need are good workers surely. Maybe you can’t even imagine o ward they work and what kind of circumstances they face during construction. It seems quite bad when some people just treat the construction workers rudely even without realizing how hard they worked to shape a house of your dreams and your dream workplace.

Joseph Grinkorn

According to Joseph Grinkorn Construction is a risky profession as many site workers get injured and ill during the construction time. Being involved with such a risky job needs many preventions for the safety of the workers. You never know how badly a single ignorance in terms of safety leads to what kind of situation. Growth of construction industries is moving along with the rise in the death rates of the workers as well. Although with the improved and developed techniques, this rising death rate is quite controlled but still not stops. At this most dangerous field of construction work, any fatal and non-fatal injuries occur. Nearly 20%of fatalities are in the construction work which means that one out of every five workers at the construction work is facing death.

Joseph Grinkorn

Let’s focus on the safety measures and precautions outlined by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

  • Under OSHA’s protection, all federal agencies come which makes federal agency heads responsible for ensuring safe and healthful working conditions for their workers. It conducts inspections of federal facilities.
  • In case of registering any violations related to the health and safety of the workers, “virtual fines” to federal agencies are issued by OSHA.

OSHA also provides workers with the following rights

  • Information and training about hazards and methods to prevent harm.
  • The training related to OSHA standards applied at the respective workplace must be in a language workers  can understand;
  • Pre-testing is done to find hazards in the workplace and get test results.
  • Review the records of that particular workplace along with the injuries and illness if occurred before.
  • Medical record of all the workers.
  • Provides the right of law to the workers free from any retaliation and discrimination.

Protection Standards under OSHA

  • OSHA sets the methods and rules that employers must use to protect their employees from hazards. Also, it set standards for Construction work, Maritime operation as well as for general industries. These standards limit the number of hazardous injuries at chemicals workers as well. It encourages certain safe practices and equipment with proper guidelines provided to employers to monitor hazards and keep records of workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • A safe workplace is the employer’s responsibility so that employees at a workplace does not have to face serious hazards. As per OSHA standards, the employers have to try to eliminate hazards first by making changes in working conditions such as just do not stick on masks, gloves, earplugs or other types of personal protective equipment (PPE). Instead try to opt safer chemicals, enclosing processes to trap harmful fumes, ventilation systems to clean the air to get rid of or minimize risks at the workplace or worksite.

Believe that safety starts from your side first- It’ssimply a game of your state of mind!