Jobs · January 6, 2020

Electrician Gold Coast Job Characteristics

In case you were unsure what an electrician was, they are essentially going to be any type of skilled tradesman who is able to design, maintain, install and repair all of the different electrical systems and related products that are used in places such as residential homes, factories and businesses.

They are going to need to work both inside as well as outside of buildings to help ensure that all of the lights, appliances and industrial equipment is operating as it should and safely.  While there are many different types of electricians, the most common ones are going to be residential electricians who will solve electrical problems and install wiring for homes, as well as inside electricians who are going to be in charge of maintaining and repairing the control systems, motors and other electrical equipment that factories and business rely on.

 Electrician Responsibilities

An EJ Electrical electrician is going to be the one responsible for making sure that electricity gets from whatever its source is, all the way to where businesses and individuals are able to use it.  Their specific responsibilities that are associated with each job is going to vary greatly depending upon the area that the electrician specializes in, but they are more than likely going to include:

  • Planning all the electrical systems for new buildings
  • Reading and then interpreting the architect blueprints and other technical documents
  • Installing lights, wiring, and control systems
  • Creating electrical circuits
  • Installing various switches, circuit breakers, relays and many other electrical control equipment
  • Maintenance that needs to be done on preexisting electrical systems
  • Testing why certain electrical devices and products may be malfunctioning
  • Replacing and repairing outdated and otherwise faulty electrical equipment and systems
  • Teaching other electricians the craft

An Electricians Work Environment

If you become an electrician, you can expect to spend a large amount of time working inside different types of buildings, under renovations or constructions sites, or even outside on telecommunication and power systems.  All of these conditions mean that you are in either a very large space or a very cramped room with very little space.  On top of that, many of these work conditions are going to have exposed wires which can create a very unsafe environment if you are not taking the proper safety precautions.

An Electrician’s Schedule

Most electricians are going to have the opportunity to work on different projects year-round.  Depending on the role that they play, their hours are going to vary greatly.  While most maintenance electricians are going to have more of a regular set schedule, there are going to be some on-call electricians who have to work at all hours of the day depending upon the work that they are getting.

With that being said, while they can be extremely busy one week, the next week can only offer them several hours of work.  It all just depends upon the electrician and the company that they are working for, combined with what they specialize in.  But if you are looking for the most flexible schedule, you are going to want to be an independent electrical contractor or consultant.