Effective Ways to Stop Grinding of Teeth

Effective Ways to Stop Grinding of Teeth

Teeth grinding is the condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. Teeth grinding is also called bruxism. Grinding Teeth which often occurs unconsciously during sleep called sleep bruxism. And if it occurs in the daytime when you are awake is referred to as awake bruxism. Grinding teeth does not usually cause harm but if this happens continually it can lead to damage to teeth or more serious oral health complications that may arise.

Bruxism mostly found in children but this can also find in the adult because of the anxiety and stress. bruxism is your body’s outlet for managing pressure and stress.

  • Symptoms of Grinding Teeth:

Because grinding usually occurs during sleep, most people remain unnoticed that they have problems with teeth grinding. Many times, we come to know from our loved one about our teeth grinding problems who hears the grinding at night. However, its sufferer may feel a constant headache or irritated jaw.

If you suspect yourself of teeth grinding visit the best dental clinic in Nagpur and talk to the dentist about it. He or she can examine your condition and suggest treatment accordingly.

  • The harm caused due to Teeth Grinding:

Teeth grinding does not have many severe effects but, sometimes, it can cause flattening and constantly wearing of the teeth, damage, and cracks in the teeth. In some cases, it can lead to fracturing, loosening of teeth. Teeth grinding can cost in tooth loss, it can affect your jaw movements and even can change the facial appearance.

Possible ways of stopping teeth grinding:

  • Reductive Coronoplasty:

It is a dental treatment used to resurface or level of teeth is done if your teeth grinding is caused by crowded or slanted teeth. In some instances, a subsequent system called addictive coroplast is performed to build up teeth. Dentists may choose either of the mentioned procedures.

  • Botox:

In this type of treatment botulinum toxin also called Botox is injected directly into the masseter. This is the large muscle that helps in the movement of the jaw. Botox won’t cure bruxism but it may lower your muscle pain so it may help to alleviate teeth grinding and headache.

But the researcher is still working on the safety and effectiveness of using Botox for Bruxism treatment. Hence discuss the benefits and risks of Botox treatment before getting it injected.

  • Stress Reduction Techniques:

In some people, Bruxism may be linked with mental stress, depression, and anxiety. Making yourself stress-free helps in the reduction of teeth grinding. The following are some of the techniques which manage to reduce your stress level.

Meditation: Regular meditation helps to eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. Doing meditation under professional guidance or joining a meditation group helps to alleviate stress. Along with other medical treatments do meditation for better relief.

Yoga: Yoga practice not only helps in improving immune power but it also helps in the reduction of stress level. Continuing regular 40-45 minutes yoga session helps to get rid of the depression.

Physical Exercise: Regular physical activity related to the jaw build a strong resonance power to fight pain caused by Bruxism. If you are new to exercise, start slow, and explore a variety of physical activities that helps you to relax.

  • Mouthguard and splints:

Mouthguards act as a guard to teeth and stop grinding them against each other. If you are suffering from chronic sleep bruxism then a custom soft plastic-made mouthguard protects your teeth from damage. Mouthguards can be custom made from the dentist or purchase over the counter. Custom-made mouthguard is a costlier option than OTC. The one who is going for OTC should make sure that mouthguards should be made up of soft plastic or look for the option which can be softened by boiling in the water.

  • Biofeedback:

Biofeedback is a technique in which the therapist will guide you to control your jaw movements through visual and auditory feedback generated from electromyography (EMG). EMG is a procedure that helps to diagnose the health condition of muscles and their controlling nerve cells. As this is considered as the short benefit providing technique more research is needed to measures the long-term benefits of the biofeedback method.

These are some of the effective and natural methods of stopping teeth grinding, although it is not a serious issue taking medication is necessary. It is always better to avoid dental complications and acquire proper dental health.

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