Digital marketing · May 7, 2019

Earn With Just Using Wikipedia- 4 Ways to Make This Platform Your Source of Income

Wikipedia has always been considered as an online encyclopedia in the world to date. It was created for the same as well. The purposes of this platform being created were to make the sharing of information be done but then things did change and Wikipedia was being considered as Content Marketing platform. This brought Wikipedia to have the guidelines and requirements to be changed and making it hard for people just post anything and everything. But then came in a twist in the tale of Wikipedia and it was that this website was considered to be a professional field for getting the work done and this became the way of earning for people. Here are 4 ways that can make you earn money if you know this platform well.

  • Wikipedia Writing

People who can write are the one who is already in demand yet when it comes to Wikipedia these writers are being highly paid to create and write the content according to the Wikipedia guidelines and requirements.

  • Wikipedia Page Creation

Just creating the content is not enough for Wikipedia page creation but the experts are required to make the contemplations on getting the content to be adjusted according to the requirements of the platform. If you are professional in this you can earn through it as well.

  • SEO

SEO is what most of the businesses and companies have attached with Wikipedia. If you an SEO professional you can make the considerations on getting this to be done for Wikipedia companies or for different clients and can earn some real good money through the same.

  • Wikipedia Page monitoring and management

The thing is that work on a Wikipedia page does not stop once when the page is created but it continues until the page is live and this is why page monitors and managers are required. These people are experienced and expert at handling the Wikipedia page and people pay these experts to get their page to be prevented from the deletion. These people take money against their experience and ability to keep the page to be live on the site.

These are the 4 different ways of how this online encyclopedia can make you earn money with freelance work. Most importantly it requires one thing and that is to understand the guidelines and requirements with depth.