Do Your Foot Paining Because of Your Spine? Let’s Find Out The Answer Here

Do Your Foot Paining Because of Your Spine? Let’s Find Out The Answer Here

Most of the time, we don’t pay the required attention to any sudden pain and aches of the body and grab the over-the-counter medicine to get instant relief.

However, there may be some underlying causes for those conditions which need treatment as soon as possible otherwise it will affect badly in the coming days.

Just like that, the most common foot pain can be linked with your spine. It may sound surprising to you but both the organs are connected with a series of spinal nerves that come from the lower spine and travel down to the leg up to the feet. In case any of the nerves get compressed you can feel pain in your foot.

To find out why you should visit the Spine Clinic Gurgaon for your foot pain; please check out the complete article here.

How foot pain is related to the spinal problem?

It has been seen that when the nerve root of the lumbar or sacral spine gets compressed it cause sciatica pain. Classic sciatica also happens when specifically the S1 nerve root is irritated or compressed. It will cause pain in the outer side of the leg.

There are some common causes for which the nerve roots may be compressed. Some of them are listed below:

• Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease is caused with age where the discs get narrowed and shrinkage.

• Lumbar Herniated Disc where the inner content of the intervertebral disc is leaked.

• Spondylolisthesis happens when one vertebra slips of another.

• Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is the condition when the bony openings of the spinal nerve get narrowed.

In a condition named foot drop where one cannot lift the foot or frequent tripling happen during walking. The reason for this condition is the compression of the L5 nerve root. Along with that, the compression of the L4 and S1 nerve roots also cause the same condition.

How you can identify the source of foot pain?

It is quite difficult to identify the exact cause of foot pain without a proper diagnosis. It is suggested to visit the Spine Clinic Gurgaon for an efficient and qualified check-up.

However, here we will list some of the most common reasons which have been identified as the underlying cause of foot pain.

• If you feel pain in the foot after a recent trauma in the hip, lower back, ankle or knee; then the reason must be the damage of the internal nerve.

• Sciatica or pain due to nerve compression is also associated with foot pain. Along with the pain, you can feel numbness, weakness in the leg, buttock, and thigh. It generally affects one leg at a time.

• If you feel the pain after wearing high heel shoes or tight boots, then it may be the compression in the peroneal or sural nerve in the ankle or knee area.

• If you feel foot pain after hip surgery or injection, then it may be due to sciatic neuropathy.

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