Do You Want To Sell Your Gold Jewellery? Know What to Expect!

Do You Want To Sell Your Gold Jewellery? Know What to Expect!

Decided to sell off your old gold jewellery including broken and scrap gold, but not sure where to sell your gold or what to expect when you sell your precious metals. Well, you don’t have to worry, as we’ll let you know how you can get the best price for your scrap, broken or old gold in Sydney in this post.

Jewellery Shops May Not Accept Your Broken or Scrap Gold

Jewellery shops may accept gold jewellery such as engagement rings; however, when it comes to old or broken gold jewellery, they may not be interested because it’s difficult for them to sell it. So, if you have gold jewellery that’s less pure, made out of lower-value 14k gold alloys and thus, have a lower gold content, you can approach pawnbroker to sell off your gold jewellery.

What Does it Take to Sell Your Precious Metals to the Gold Buyer?

Typically, the gold buyer will decide the overall value of your gold. They will take into account the following things:

  • The ongoing market price of gold and other precious metals such as silver.
  • Purity and the full weight of the gold and metals you possess.
  • How easy it is to separate the gold and purify it.

You’ll get an overall quote for your gold jewellery based on the aforementioned factors. Normally, you can anticipate getting between 60% and 70% of the market price of your gold by weight. Gold buyers can provide less price for your gold because they ought to buy gold at less than the market price to make a profit so that they can better manage their operating costs and remain in the business.

Do You Want to Quickly Sell Your Gold Jewellery in Sydney? 

You can visit a pawn shop near you to quickly sell gold jewellery in Sydney! Be it old, broken or scrap gold, or any other precious metals, a pawn shop will buy your old gold and any other precious metals like silver and offer you the best prices.

Moreover, you’ll get cash for gold on the same day from an established and trusted pawn shop near you in Sydney. Besides, a pawnbroker will make it easier for you to sell off your old gold jewellery and other precious metals that you no longer require.

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