Computer & Internet · January 20, 2020

Do I need an antivirus if I have Norton


Just like we protect ourselves from every difficulty, our computer also needs protection from some malware. Or in simpler terms. Often, when we fall ill, we consult the doctor and according to the advice we get cured by taking medicines, in the same way when the computer falls sick by some malicious elements entering into it. It needs antivirus to be installed as it safeguards or secures the computer in the best manner.

Now when it comes to security, antivirus is always at per for your computer. Now, What is Antivirus, What role does It play in one’s a computer and network’s life? If an antivirus is necessary for a computer then which Antivirus brand is best for one’s computer?

We have answers to all your queries. Firstly the Antivirus is a software that helps your computer against all malware and cybercrimes. It looks after all the data, files, software applications moving over the network to your devices. It searches and detects the stranger threats and checks the behavior of all the programs. It explores and removes the malware as quickly as possible. If you haven’t installed yet any antivirus, so install now. Until it’s too late.

Now the priority is which antivirus is best for the computer and network as well. As there are several but we have to find the best antivirus in every manner. So, according to the research it has been founded that Norton Antivirus is excellent in keeping it’s trust, reliability, and value. As it provides eminent service of protecting your computer’s data and networks from all the emerging threats and malware like spyware, ransomware, phishing, and loss of network, etc…

The basic antivirus does these actions to provide safety to your computer and network:

Antivirus software caters protection against these types of threats by operating key tasks:

  • Identify specific files for the detection of malicious software.
  • Planning automatic scans.
  • Scan the entire system or you can exclude some files.
  • Eradicate malicious codes and software.
  • Assuring the safety of your computer and other devices.

Similarly, these are the basic feature in Norton Free Antivirus too. But as per the current scenario, the increasing cybercrimes and threats are nullifying the work of these basic features. Hence, they are not sufficient, to get more advanced features affordably one has to buck up. Now no more bucking up, Norton Antivirus Free software brings you with advanced and upgraded features in free as well as a paid version that is affordable for one.

Norton Antivirus has panacea remedy for all these threats and malware in the form of advanced features which are:

  • Utilize Prevention – Safeguards Windows devices from so-called “zero-day” barrages that attempt to utilize undiscovered and loopholes (or susceptibilities) in Windows applications or in the system itself.
  • Vision – Pinpointing the files and applications that are safe or dangerous using the accumulated feedback of more than 175 million. Norton Free Antivirus users to identify incoming threats and proactively avert them.
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection – Encounter the signs that a file is dangerous to proactively protect you from new threats or malware.
  • Regularly Up-to-Date – automatically downloads and installs important elements or feature updates when you are disconnected or offline from your computer.
  • Download Vision – Protects you from downloading files from websites that have a low stature score within the Norton user community.
  • Insight + Upgrade File Copy – speeds up the scan times by classifying safe files and only scanning strangers or unknown files.
  • Norton Community as a Scrutinizer- gathers information volunteered by millions of Norton users to spot new threats faster, detect safe files, and provide stronger, more efficient protection.
  • Spam -Blocking – It keeps your mailbox free from unwanted, threatening, and fake emails that can steal your identity.
  • Norton’s Password Controller – Reminds, secures, and automatically enters your user names and passwords so they cannot be lost or stolen.
  • Norton’s Safe Web – Warn you from unsafe websites before you step- in them.
  • Internet Protection System – Cleans all websites and social networking sites for doubtful links and content to classify the current social networking scams.
  • Shrewd Two-Way Firewall – prevents strangers from invading your home network by blocking incoming traffic purposeful to be unsafe.
  • Automatic Backup Option – Let’s you automatically back up 25 GB worth of photos, movies and files you choose from your PC from the special featured Symantec secured online storage.
  • Norton’s Parental Control – a panacea remedy or a tool that helps keep your kids safe on the Internet, is included with your subscription.

.You all must be now aware of all the amazing and exciting features provided by Norton Free Antiviruses. Take Norton Antivirus to your home and make your and your’s computer life free from all threats and problems. You don’t need any Antivirus when you have Norton Free Antivirus with you.