Computer & Internet · May 2, 2020

Digital Identity post Covid-19 pandemic

Biometrics have caught keen attention due to cyber threats and data privacy concerns. For a post-coronavirus world, Biometric authentication will become a promising solution for verifying identities at a distance and without much human intervention.

Biometric verification using Face, Fingerprints, Iris and so will see emerging innovations to face the aftermath effect of coronavirus pandemic. At this point in time, developed countries like China have already brought more innovation in identifying the infected patients at ease and contain the virus at a faster pace. For example, China uses facial recognition software to identify and diagnose potentially infected patients on smart healthcare buses.

How Biometrics pave way for Contactless Technology:

Several countries try and employ contactless payments at outlets. Post COVID-19 pandemic, customer will prefer to go for contactless payment in fear of getting infected with any unknown viruses and avoid swiping cards and touching POS to make a payment. There will be a race among IT organizations in developing seamless contactless technology for payments and seize the opportunity post-pandemic.

Similarly, Identity Verification to onboard customers will take a lead role to begin a customer’s digital journey. Hence modern companies start with digital identity verification and focus more on automating and leveraging AI to replace the traditional KYC System that is a human-based process with Digital KYC where a customer can onboard from anywhere, anytime without the need for physical verification. Digital Customer Onboarding is still an option for enterprises of today to switch or be in the current system but post-pandemic, customers will prefer doing an online verification instead of meeting in-person and enterprises will have to rethink of bringing in a digital account opening system and a powerful identity verification in a competitive market space.”

AI-Powered ID Solutions:

Now Biometrics and Digital Customer Onboarding will play a huge role to acquire customers and the next question will be choosing the right identity solution that cannot be abused by criminals. The AI-powered solutions will see a hike in adoption to ensure privacy and security for citizens and this will even become a standard procedure to onboard customers.

Authentication using Biometrics(Face, Fingerprints, Iris, Voice) all has its own difficulties for enterprises to roll out on a large scale but post-pandemic, when the demand increases, heavy investment will likely to happen towards contactless payments, digital onboarding, biometric authentication and bring in a complete digital experience after a pandemic.