Digital marketing · May 4, 2022

Different Advertising Software to Send Bulk Telegram Messages

Telegram is one of the best advertising methods because it has many users all over the world. If you want an effective and fruitful, you have to do it in bulk. But bulk advertising can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Our best suggestion is to use advertising tools to automate activities. Join us to learn more about using this tool.

Methods of Advertising in Telegram

Three Ways of Sending Bulk Messages in Telegram Messengers:

  1. Sending bulk messages in groups: In this method, you should send your advertising message to a popular group related to your field of business. This method can also be very effective for advertising because in Telegram you can create a supergroup where the number of people who can be added to these groups is unlimited and is quite suitable for effective advertising.
  2. Sending bulk messages in Telegram channels: In this method, you can create a channel and add contacts who need your products and services or are related to them and add them to your channel to advertise your products and services.
  3. Sending bulk messages in private chat: When you have a list of numbers whose field of activity is related to your business and you want to send messages for all those numbers, this method is the most effective

Why using advertising tools is Important?

Generally, advertising activity like extracting members and sending bulk messages is so difficult and time-consuming to be done manually. So, the need to use tools that can do this process automatically is obvious.

Tools for Automating Bulk Messaging

Using some tools, you can automate the whole process of sending bulk advertising messages. These tools are Windows-based bots that can extract specifications (number, ID, etc.) of members from Telegram groups. you only need to provide the bot with the text of your message and a list of numbers or contacts (which you have extracted from business-related groups) and the bot will do the rest of the operation automatically. You can also use this software to send bulk messages to groups.

In the following, we want to introduce to you the most popular software for automating the process of sending bulk messages, and we will select the best one by comparing the specifications of all of them. Stay with us…

Bots to Automate the Process of Sending Bulk Messages in the Telegram

The most popular software programs on the market are:

  • Telegram Sender
  • Instamber
  • Exybot
  • Atompark
  • Virtual User Telegram Bulk Messages Sender

Telegram Sender

Telegram Sender is the most popular Windows-based bot in this field, which has millions of users around the world.

Telegram Sender software can:

  • Extract members of groups and channels
  • Send bulk messages to the audience
  • Send any type of content
  • Send free bulk messages from the contact country
  • Send messages only to active members
  • Detect nonactive member
  • User-friendly software space

Negative points:

  • Lack of tutorials about the methods of advertising in Telegram
  •  It cannot change your lines so the risk of losing your account is very high.


Exybot software can remove unlimited users from any target group and filter active users and send messages to active Telegram users.

But this software has some disadvantages that are very important in Telegram advertising:

– due to it cannot change your lines the risk of blocking your accounts is very high

– Late updates and encountering problems in using the bot for a period cause its annoyance.

– Lack of tutorials in using the provided packages

– The bot is only for sending textual content and cannot send video, photo, and link content


Instamber can send bulk messages on Telegram and Instagram, and also it can send bulk emails. This software cannot provide contacts for you and it is up to you to provide contacts and target audiences because of this reason, it is non-economic software. Because providing the target audience is one of the most important steps in advertising.

Since you do not have your target audience the risk of blocking accounts using this software is very high and you also have no control over the number of messages sent that make your lines disposable, so this software is not reliable.


This software is one of the good bulk message sender bots and has suitable features and also has high speed and user-friendly space.

A bot is a good bulk message sender but it is not a good tool for a marketing campaign because:

  • It cannot extract members from groups and channels
  • You have to pay to send each message
  • It cannot change lines and the risk of blocking your lines is very high
  • The lack of information about advertisements on Telegram is obvious

Virtual User

One of the best software for advertising is the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender bot, which is also popular internationally. It has many unique features which we want to introduce in the following:

  • Extracting members of groups and channels
  • Sending bulk messages to audiences, groups, and channels
  • Sending free bulk messages from the contact country
  • Changing lines to the risk of blocking your accounts to the lowest level
  • High processing speed
  • User-friendly atmosphere
  • No need to pay a fee to send any message
  • Sending any kind of content (text, image, link, and…)
  • It has many tutorials videos and PDFs about how to have an effective marketing campaign on telegram 


We have explained how you can start an advertising campaign on telegram and the methods of advertising on telegram. Afterward, we introduced to you some tools that can automate the process of advertising because it is very difficult and time-consuming to be done manually.
so, now you can choose the best software and method to have high efficiency.