Detailed Overview of How to Obtain the Certificates of Origin under TAFTA

Detailed Overview of How to Obtain the Certificates of Origin under TAFTA

The Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) allows exporters and importers of both the countries to enjoy preferential tariffs for numerous trade goods. If you are exporting from Australia to Thailand, the TAFTA rules apply to the good wholly or partially produced or obtained in the country. To certify the same, you must obtain the certificates of origin from one of the Chambers of Commerce in Australia. Here’s a small guide to help you with the process.

Understand the TAFTA Rules of Origin

The very first step is to get familiar with and understand various rules of origin as specified under the TAFTA. It would help you understand specifically the rules for the goods that you wish to export to Thailand. For example, the goods that don’t enjoy preferential rates don’t require a Certificate of Origin. For these goods, the Certificate of Australian Origin is sufficient.

Register with a Chamber

Next, you must register with a chamber of commerce in your region which is authorized to issue the certificates. For this, you must complete a deed of declaration as well as an authorized signatories form to share the required details with the chamber.

After this, the chamber would investigate the information and may respond back with one of the three replies:

  • It may demand additional documentary evidence
  • Your application may get rejected and the reason for the same would be provided within 5 working days
  • The application gets approved and you receive the Exporters Registration Reference Number with 5 working days

Apply for Certificate of Origin

Once you receive the Exporters Registration Reference Number, you can prepare the certificate of origin and send it to the chamber of commerce for approval. Make sure that you follow the prescribed format, as prescribed by the chamber while preparing the certificate. To speed up the process, you must choose to send and receive the certificate electronically rather than doing it by mail.

Remember the fact that there are penalties if you falsely obtain the preferential rates for the goods that don’t qualify for the same under the TAFTA rules. Be honest and maintain relevant records as proof of your goods’ qualifications.

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