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Desert Safari The Best Night Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari The Best Night Desert Safari in Dubai

Excellent Night Safari

A great Arabian adventure, the Dubai desert night safari features lovely dunes, a private tent, a camel ride, and an overnight stay. More than 12 hours are spent on the safari. Numerous enjoyable activities are included, including quad biking, camel riding, sandboarding, falcon photography, and dune bashing in the Arabian Desert.

The amazing Dubai desert safari is then enhanced by a night spent camping in the desert and a sumptuous BBQ buffet dinner served beneath a starry desert sky. The journey ends with a delicious brunch the following morning. You can choose the overnight desert safari package that best suits your needs from various available options. Spend the night beneath the stars in a private tent or out in the open desert with sleeping bags.

An Overnight Desert Expedition, to Put Briefly.

Desert Safari at night For its spectacular Night Desert Safari Dubai Deals is well-known. The journey will include an overnight stay at a safari camp in the Burj Al Arab desert. The most intriguing events take place here. This safari excursion begins with a desert safari and concludes with a sumptuous brunch. You may ride camels, see entertaining belly dance, and ride a bike in the Saudi desert in the center of Abu Dhabi, all under the gorgeous desert sky.

You may ride camels, and quad bikes, explore the dunes, and more when you spend the night in a private tent. which you will always remember.

This comprehensive night safari tour is a wonderful way to discover Dubai’s splendors and its huge desert, which is filled with wonders and adventures that are impossible to adequately explain. After all, what could be better than a BBQ dinner buffet and a Bedouin setting while you sleep under the stars in the Arabian desert?

Highlights of the Night Safari in the Desert

Make the most of your night safari with our exhilarating dune bashing excursion and conquer the tallest Arabian dunes. Fun ways to learn about the allure and culture of the desert.

Spend the night in the desert in an authentic Arabian tent, where you can take in the fire and the starry sky.

Get a glimpse of a morning desert safari in Dubai and an enlightening nighttime excursion to get the best of both worlds for desert activities. You can do camel riding, sandboarding, falcon photography, quad biking, belly dancing, and more during your overnight visit.

In the exposed desert camp, you can see the sunrise and sunset. Additionally, you have complimentary meals that improve and fill up your night in the Dubai desert (both literally and figuratively).

You receive sleeping bags in the desert camp, which is safe.

During this Dubai desert camping adventure, our visitors can consume as much tea, coffee, and soft beverages as they like. The following extra-cost activities and services are available during the Dubai

Night Desert Safari

Camel and quad biking, specialty tea or coffee, camel or horseback riding, private shisha, falcon photography, and souvenir and fresh juice shopping.

If you want to join us on our desert night safari, we will pick you up securely and dependably. The option to pick up and drop off visitors is provided in a fully loaded 44 Landcruiser. This is due to the cruiser’s extensive insurance coverage and safety measures. In this manner, if something goes wrong, you are secure.

With our sunset photography chance, you may capture the sun setting. You can acquire a temporary and seemingly permanent henna tattoo during the overnight desert trip.

Camel Ride

The camel ride, the breakfast in the morning, and the dune bashing are the highlights of this overnight desert safari.

You may dress up in Arabic attire for this luxurious (but affordable) Dubai safari and have your photo taken while doing so.

Included on a Desert Safari Overnight

A 45-minute sandboarding session:

The 45-minute dune bash ride in a 4×4 dune bash or dune buggy through the red dunes in the infinite desert is the most thrilling element of our overnight desert safari. Yes! In the Dubai desert, we enjoyed 45 minutes of purely enjoyable adventure. Camel rides, sandboarding, a more comprehensive look at the Dubai desert, and an overnight stay in the desert are all included in each of the packages for our overnight desert safari tour.

Ride an ATV Quad Bike

For the evening safari, you can hire a 200-350cc quad bike and race around a course with your pals. We can best demonstrate that we are here to make your evening safari and overnight desert safari simple, enjoyable, and safe by using the quad bikes included in our package.


An alternative to snowboarding and snow, in general, is sandboarding. All overnight desert safari packages include it. Because you must balance the board on the sand instead of skiing, sandboarding got its name.

Riding a Camel

Without riding a camel, you’re skipping out on one of the oldest and most well-known cultural traditions in the region if you go on a night safari in Dubai. Another entertaining activity to keep the kids busy is to take them on a camel ride across the desert. We rent friendly, well-trained hiking camels.