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Desert Safari Dubai Price Per Person

Wanted to know the cost of adventurous Desert safari dubai price trip? There are several tour operators in Dubai but our range starts from to few hundred per person depending upon package you select. Have a great time exploring the desert at a minimum price.Dubai is the heaven amidst the sandy desert.

It is one of the most prosperous cities in the United Arab Emirates as well as in the whole world. People across the world visit Dubai to escape the daily hassles of their lives and have a lovely and luxurious vacation. Actually, Dubai has a lot of things to offer that tempts the visitors to unlock more of Dubai’s possessions. You will find several attractions in Dubai but what attracts the tourists most is the desert safari.

Desert Safari Dubai Price

Evening Desert safari dubai price

So what is desert safari? What do you do in desert safari? This tour offers you six hours of wholesome enjoyment with a plethora of activities on the Arabian deserts. Desert safari is a bit of heart thumping adventure, cultural activities and a beautiful dinner date amidst the sand dunes under the stars.

Whether you are exploring the gold coloured dunes by driving deep into them or having the experience of your lifetime while watching the sunset in the desert; the sceneries of the desert safari will be etched forever in the panorama of your mind. It will leave you with a beautiful memory for you to cherish forever.But one simple thing that everybody wants to be aware of before boarding, is the Desert Safari Dubai cost per person.

Here, you need to always remember one thing that the cost can vary from one agency to another. However, we can provide you with a standard rate; so that you get an idea of what rate to expect exactly for these safaris. But before we move on with rates; let us first see what types of desert safaris available in Dubai.

different desert safaris

Actually, there are three different desert safaris. Feeling bit confused? Well, in Dubai the agencies offer you morning safari, evening safari and overnight safari on the desert. However, the evening safari is the one that attracts the people most since it comes with a plethora of other attractions apart from just driving through the mighty dunes of Arabian Desert.

The Desert safari dubai price per person actually starts from the evening safari. Here, you must note that this is the lowest standard price available since the price varies according to the package that the agency offers. The cost of the safari depends on the vehicle that you choose a number of people who are with you in a group and the side activities included in the package.

So, why wait any further? Stop worrying over cost per person and explore the enchanting deserts of Arabia, may be not on Aladdin’s magic carpet but in the best cars to have the best time of your life.

What is the price of Desert Safari in Dubai?

Are you going to Dubai but not sure about the price of Desert Safari? Find out how much it cost for morning, evening, overnight and for private safari. Please note that the prices of the desert safari vary according to the choice of Safari. There are many safari options to choose from. Let’s have a look at the safari prices. The Desert Safari is undoubtedly the most demanded activity in Dubai. Every single day, dozens of agencies make excursions to the desert of various types and at different times.

Although the name of a safari can be misleading, the Desert Safari is a desert visit in 4×4 cars where, remembering the Paris-Dakar, the drivers give free rein to their sports driving skills. Cars race at high speeds through the desert on rising and falling dunes and leaning to unsuspected limits so it cannot be said to be an ideal activity for people with back problems or pregnant women.

The more adventurous can be also rent a quad or practice sand boarding in the dunes. A more peaceful activity that you could not miss in a desert is a camel ride. Sometimes you can also enjoy a falconry show with hawks.

Desert Safari Dubai Price

Prices for Desert Safari

The prices of the desert safari vary according to the choice of package. There are multiple packages to choose from and their cost is similarly set. Let’s have a look at the packages and their prices.

  1. Morning Desert Safari
    This is a two-hour package that will include pick up in the morning, dune bashing, sand ski and camel riding. The cost starts from AED 99. Quad biking in this package costs an extra AED 200.
  2. Evening Desert Safari
    This is a 6-hour affair with dinner and a lot of desert activities. This costs AED 130.
  3. Overnight Desert Safari
    The timings for this one are 3:30 pm to 9 am. This starts from AED 280. Sand skiing costs and extra 100 AED and quad bikes AED 200.
  4. Private Dune Dinner only
    This package is well suited for people who do not want to indulge in dune bashing and just want a quiet dinner in the starry night of a desert. The timings are 4 pm to 9 pm. It starts at AED 950 for couples wanting to enjoy a few romantic moments under the stars.

Private Luxury Safari tour in Dubai

A starry night in the desert

Once in the desert and after adjusting the tire pressure of the 4X4, it is when our drivers will show their skill in driving on the dunes, making the ride 15 minutes in length to become an exciting experience. Before heading to the camp, they will make a stop to watch the sunset. Changes in the color of sand and dune shadows will make this moment magical. Once in the camp, you will have the option of camel riding, try the shisha, dress in traditional costumes, and tattoo with henna or just sit and enjoy the starry desert sky. All these activities are included.

Dinner will be a barbecue under the stars where you can try different types of meat, snacks, salads and sweets typical of the region. The end point is marked by different shows including the famous belly dance. After dinner and enjoying the show, you will head back to Dubai, finishing the tour in your hotel.

Desert safari in Ramadan

During Ramadan, there will be no entertainment at the camp and no alcohol will be served during dinner.

Duration varies according to the packages.

When to book?

We recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially on public holidays. Reservations are allowed until 15:00 hours the previous day (Dubai time) whenever there are places left.

Way to pay

At the moment of making the reservation, you will be charged the full amount.


You can cancel by giving a 48-hour notice. T&C apply.

Final Thoughts

To do this activity, you do not need to print anything or carry any supporting documents. The supplier will have a list of the people targeted and just saying your name will suffice.How to make the reservation?To book this activity, just enter the desired date and complete the online form. The booking confirmation is immediate. Once the reservation process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email, you will find the contact details of the provider to resolve any doubts you have.