Business · November 23, 2020

Custom Certificate Holders – for escalated brand recognition

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a certificate distribution ceremony for a wide audience? What is the basic tool required to project a strong brand image? Businesses often use certain stationery items to make a mark and for people to take as a souvenir. This allows for constructive promotion as these stationary items act as billboards that can be carried anywhere with ease. Custom certificate holders provide an apt platform to showcase brand logo and design in a creative way and spread brand awareness on all platforms.

The benefits of obtaining such holders

Firstly, these holders are ideal for holding certificates in a non-damageable manner. All documents are held straight without the chances of them getting torn or bent and avoid creases in the middle or side margin. Certificates are a recognition of good work. People go through extensive hardships for their work to be appreciated through certificates of acknowledgment. Hence, these documents must be secured for life. People use certificates for a long time and display them in their houses or offices as a display of their achievements.

Secondly, businesses use them during annual or half-yearly ceremonies wherein they appreciate the work of their employees. This provides an opportunity to present a positive image of the brand. When such certificates are distributed in custom made holders, it increases brand recognition tenfold. Attractive and vibrant logos and texts on these holders attract attention to the brand name. It also helps to elevate familiarity among customers prompting them to spot the brand at all retail points and prefer it over the rivals in the market. It aids to project that the company meets certain professional standards and associate reliability with the brand.

Moreover, numerous universities and educational institutes make use of these holders to disperse certificates, diplomas, and awards to students. It gives a memorable display of acknowledgment that stays with the students for life and helps in all their future endeavors. These diplomas and awards hold a valuable spot in their lives and they wish to save it in the original form forever. These holders eradicate the need for separate laminations and covers by giving ample strength and protection from any possible mishaps. They allow these certificates to be carried anywhere with ease and stored or displayed without taking up much space.

How does customization help?

These holders can be made-to-order to meet your exact specifications. Our in-house team of well-experienced professionals creates these holders with an effective degree of craftsmanship to give enhanced effects. Custom certificate holders are made with the best quality materials to ensure durability and proper coverage for the documents inside. A wide range of features can be incorporated for added impact. These include:

  1. Embossing – that involves imprinting a specific design onto the front cover raising the paper to make it look classy.
  2. Foil stamping – a heated die is used to create a stamp directly on the material. It helps to give a shine to the design from far away and makes the holder look prominent when displayed on the wall or shelves,
  3. Metallic inks – to give a more luxurious look than standard printer inks. Actual bits of metals are incorporated to exude shine and prove more cost-effective than other options.
  4. Die-cutting – for crafting custom designs to make the holders stand out from the crowd.
  5. Custom sized pockets – to allow additional documents to be included inside. For instance; business cards, CDs, brochures, and alike.
  6. Corner slits or pockets – to better hold the certificates and include more than one certificate or paper document.

Additionally, exclusive add-ons can also help to give an edge to these holders and make them more appropriate for use. These include reinforced panels, vertical pockets, spine, business card, or CD slits. Moreover, you can produce these holders in any custom shape, size, and color to align with your brand image. Free templates are provided to make designing simple and less complicated. The holders are given added appeal through the different gloss and matte lamination options and various coating types including gloss AQ, satin, varnish, spot UV, and flood UV. Having distinct and one-of-a-kind holders will make your brand shine through the lot in the market and intrigue customers about your brand and its products.

Affordable and reliable services at your doorstep

Effective promotions call for a mix of quality and cost. Businesses prefer marketing tools that slide easily in their budgets and give an efficient push to the sales figure. These holders fit the bill perfectly by alluring customers towards your brand and generating interest in the products offered. Low costs help in maintaining total costs while positively affecting overall profitability. Our extensive experience in the field helps to create unique and well-printed holders that provide reliable usage for longer. Each holder is printed and supervised individually using the most modern printing press.

Clients can get in touch with our round-the-clock customer services team to get all queries promptly answered and get started with the ordering process. We offer quick production turnaround time along with free and fast shipping and handling. You can also get free of cost review by our experts of any artwork provided. Moreover, clients can also request a free sample kit before placing actual orders and can order freely without adhering to minimum order quantity. This allows the seller to order exactly according to their requirements and save costs in ordering in large quantities. We too believe in saving the planet and utilize eco-friendly materials in producing these holders.

Altogether, these holders give an opportunity to position your brand differently. Well-crafted holders with strong covers give the certificates long-life and keep them safe from damage. No matter the occasion, awards are valued more when they are presented in attractive and charming holders. So, join with us to craft individualistic holders that project your brand name in the most alluring manner and dominate your industry with a powerful image. Benefit from our 20 years of expertise and build an exclusive brand image.