Credentialing Solutions for Middle-Skill Workers

Credentialing Solutions for Middle-Skill Workers

Not everyone can afford a college degree or holds a desire for the same. As a matter of fact, one in every three young individuals in the US aged 18 possesses a high school diploma as his highest educational qualification. In the recent past, the jobs specific to high-school diploma holders have declined rapidly in the US, given the fact that employers are demanding increased skill-levels. In 2020, about two-thirds of all jobs in the US require post-secondary education.   

Then, what about those who simply cannot afford a college education? Is there a solution to the existing situation for high school diploma holders? Can we afford to think traditionally wherein you either go for a four-year degree program or completely neglect the thought of acquiring higher education?

For those who are short on money, the best pathway to finding a middle-skill job is learning industry-specific skills post-high school, either by enrolling themselves in an online certification program or doing an internship. Gaining professional credentials seem to be the best way to secure high-paying middle-skill jobs in the current times.  

Acquiring Global Credentialing Certifications Help Gain Competitive Edge

Industry credentialing is a thing in 2020, that implies having the skills specific to an industry. Globally-renowned credentialing companies are issuing skill-specific certifications to individuals that clear the qualifying examinations for the concerned professional certification. All you need to do post your high school diploma is to get enrolled online for a certification of your choice, and later, prepare for the qualifying test conducted online.

Once you clear the exam, you become a certified professional in the related industry domain. This way, you can gain a competitive edge over others at a job interview for a middle-skill role. 

Certified professionals are high on demand in every industry you could think of in the present times, amid the intense competition that exists in the global job markets. And hence, it would be highly recommended to obtain multiple certifications from prominent certifying organizations in the world. 

Middle-Skill Jobs Can Pay You Handsomely

As high as 44 million middle-skill jobs pay higher than the national average personal income in America, 1.1 million in Virginia alone. Most of these job positions demand specialized certifications that hold relevance to the concerned industry.

Employment-Specific Preparations to Bag Middle-Skill Jobs

Preparing for middle-skill jobs in the US is associated with learning acquired from community colleges, apprenticeships, associate degrees, and by enroling into on-the-job training. The learning options to qualify for middle-skill jobs have recently opened to taking education at for-profit institutions, through acquiring certifications and certificates, getting registered in educational boot camps, and enroling into CTE (career and technical education) programs. 

A certificate is considered the highest level of education attained by 1 in every 10 US workers, while they earn 20% more than the individuals with high-school diplomas. About one-third of those that acquire a certificate in the US already have an associate, bachelor’s, or a graduate degree under their belt. However, online credentialing solutions have emerged as the latest tools for securing a high-paying middle-skill job. 

Concluding Thoughts

The US will witness increasing numbers of four-year college degree holders in the times to come. However, the looked down upon middle-skill jobs will pay handsomely and provide for a fulfilling career to those not equipped financially to get a college degree. Successful careers will be built by those possessing alternative proofs of talent, that comprise associate degrees, professional certifications, certificates, and diplomas.

In the day and age, wherein skillset is overpowering college degrees, we think that it’s the correct time to contemplate on traditional education systems and their relevance in the modern age.

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