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Coworking – Space to Cultivate and belonged to Professionals

The city of Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala is well renowned because of its interim supremacy over the Arabian Sea. It is listed as one of India’s city treasures. It has grown to be a well-known tourist destination that welcomes tens of thousands of travelers ever year.

The city has developed with infrastructure, tourist attractions, interactive sites, beaches, and many more enjoyable locations. There are many options available in the city to keep you entertained.

Kochi is regarded as Kerala’s financial, industrial, and commercial centre. As a result, it is home to a number of well-known industrial and service-based businesses on a global scale.

The thriving corporate office spaces in Kochi, shared office spaces and co-working serve as the foundation for these global and domestic organizations.

office spaces in Kochi

If you are looking for the top co-working space in Kochi, then SpazeOne would be perfect for your company’s upcoming flexible work location:

The co-working space in Kochi by SpazeOne is the best option for your next office if you’re looking for a high-end shared office space in Kochi with a professional ambiance and a buzzing community. The office spaces and co-working space in Kochi at SpazeOne offer numerous opportunities for development and learning because they are furnished with top-notch amenities and a vibrant professional community.

Their elegantly decorated and fully stocked co-working space in Kochi gives their occupants a sense of sophistication. Their office space in Kochi has seats, making it the perfect co-working shared office space in Kochi for independent bloggers, designers, and other professionals. Dedicated office spaces, shared office spaces with restrooms, extremely tidy and well-maintained areas, and a meeting room are the main attractions here. The staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating.


High Speed Internet       

Meeting rooms & Conference Halls

Reserved Parking

Access Control, CCTV surveillance

24*7 Maintenance Support, Daily Cleaning

Multi-cuisine Cafeteria


1. Nucleus Mall, Kochi   

2. Midland Arena

3. J tower, Ernakulum

4. Puthuran Plaza, Ernakulum


Call at: 6235588222

Ideal For:

Freelancers, Small Business Teams, Entrepreneurs, Remote Working Professionals, Startups, Consultants, Developers, Designers.