Are you building a new abode?

Are You planning for investing in green elements? Because you should.

Our daily action, minuscule to major, is the reason behind continuous environmental degradation and it is our responsibility to ensure that the warden of pollution is reduced from our planet. After all, if we want to live here and grow our family, here, we need a healthy, clean and safe environment, don’t we?

Are you wondering how green building is beneficial to you?

Well, aside from making the environment more healthy and clean, green building construction with its utilization of eco-friendly products in the building, it also helps enhance your house’s overall efficiency and cut down on the electricity bills by minimizing wastage and improving air an water quality, thereby improving the quality of life. The green building aims to reduce the wastage and maximize productivity by using biodegradable natural resources that put a minimum strain on our surrounding. It might look like an expensive investment in the beginning, but you can trust upon green building construction to give you long term benefits in terms of cost savings and a healthier lifestyle.

So if you are planning to build a new home, go for green building construction and if you only plane to renovate, add some green elements to reduce the burden on the planet. But green building is easier said than done. Limited knowledge or negligence on the part of the homeowners often results in them committing mistakes that defeat the entire purpose of the green building construction such as:


While the quality and type of insulation to be installed matters, the quality of insulation is what fulfills the green building purpose. But this aspect is not easily identified by the homeowners or the building contractors. Building contractors often, in a hurry, leave gaps and compression in the insulation. This is why it is essential to have a professional holding environment building certification by the side. To get your home the energy star of green building, it is crucial all the criterion set by the authorities working towards conserving the environment such as LEED, NGBS are met. These intricacies can only be identified at the right time by the professional that has been trained under a credible green certification program.


Improperly done ventilation in the kitchen and the bathroom can degrade the overall efficiency of the home, making the occupants vulnerable to diseases and allergies with the mold growth. Make sure that the ventilation passage is well built and allows for adequate air flow throughout the home. Use mechanical air ventilation to ensure that the air quality is not compromised. But such things will only come to your notice when you have Transparent building certification holder to guide you and your building contractor throughout the construction, ensuring that your home is contributing to a greener environment in every minute sense.


Unobstructed sunlight is vital to enhance the efficiency of the home. Construct your home in such a direction that you get maximum sunlight in the day time, but be careful as not to have a glass shield in that direction, otherwise, the impact would be opposite of what is needed. Unhindered sunlight exposure with the right amount of shade by trees throughout the day will significantly cut down on your energy bills. There are more such intricacies involved with green building construction, not heeding which, might not give the desired impact. This is why it is suggested to consult a professional holding best building certification to make sure you are doing green building construction, the right way.

Green building is not a fad that is going anywhere; it is a lifestyle that we all need to adopt for the betterment of our health and our planet’s.

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