Choose Spherical Plain Bearing for Total Design Economy and Reliability

Choose Spherical Plain Bearing for Total Design Economy and Reliability

For any requirement of a bearing, whether large or small, spherical plain bearings are the best choice for the range of flexibility they offer with regard to features, designs and sizes.

Where multi-directional movements through alignments are required, spherical plain bearings are the best choice. Recognized for standard sizes, these bearings come as ready-to-mount machine parts, with a self-aligning feature. The other inherent characteristic of a spherical bearing is its inner and outer rings, which have ‘spherical convex outside diameter’ and ‘sphered concave inside surface’ respectively.

Its design offers high operational reliability, irrelevant of how compact the design is. There will not be any overloading or edge stresses for the load acting on the bearing is unchanging, except when there are recurrent tilting movements at comparatively low speeds.The other improvements include changes in the sliding contact surfaces to improve performance. These outer and inner raceway surfaces are available in various materials, such as fiber plastic, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Spherical plain bearings, with steel-on-steel surfaces are suitably crafted to handle heavy loads acting in multiple directions, shock loads, or static loads. The raceway contact surfaces, for the purpose, are subject to special treatments like treating with phosphate and molybdenum disulphide. This increases the durability of the bearing for the raceways are maintenance-free and corrosion and wear resistant.

Various Design Variants of Spherical Plain Bearing for Flexibility

Being a state-of-the-art product, spherical plain bearings are crafted to offer multiple designs, sizes, and dimensions. You can find some of the popular designs such as radial spherical plain bearing, spherical plain thrust bearing, angular contact spherical plain bearing, spherical plain bearing with rod ends, and so on. It hardly matters what type and design of spherical bearing you want to go with for each one of them are guaranteed for durability, simple maintenance and operational reliability.

When it comes to maintenance, angular contact spherical plain bearings, unlike the angular contact ball bearings, are known for the sliding contact surfaces made of steel and PTFE fabric, PTFE composite material, or copper alloy.

The worldwide availability of spherical plain bearings ensures the standardization of sizes and dimensions and easy replaceability. Moreover, the total economy in design allows you enjoy several advantages.

  • Where you need to meet certain application demands, you can have unparalleled design variations such as the bearing pillow block, or bearing with rod ends, which helps give you high reliability and quality for long service life.
  • Spherical bearings, with steel-on-steel surfaces come with multi-groove system. This avoids lubricant starvation when the bearing undergoes slight alignment movements.
  • The sliding contact surfaces of the bearing is made of carbon chromium steel, which are treated with special lubricant. This feature makes them suitable for operations under conditions, such as static loads, high-frequency alignment, and so on.

The information given above are good enough to help you choose a spherical plain bearing for your application requirement.

Author Bio: The author has worked as a consultant in various positions and his profound knowledge on different types of bearings, especially a spherical plain bearing has helped him write blogs and articles on the subject.

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