Automobile · December 21, 2020

Cheap ways to pimp your car

Personalizing your car can be a great way to increase its value while also adding a bit of your own style and character to its looks. While major engine or bodywork upgrades are going to be expensive, there are still many smaller changes you can make that can transform a car’s aesthetics and make it stand out from the crowd. Here are just a few ways you can pimp your vehicle on the cheap.

Thoroughly clean and wax/polish the car

While it might not sound like much of a car upgrade, thoroughly cleaning a vehicle inside and out can make it feel like new. If you’re a little averse to the thought of cleaning your car yourself, think about visiting a professional service like Wash N Go Express, which offers a while-you-wait cleaning service, including cleaning the interior. Also adding a wax and polish treatment can make your car sparkle like it’s just rolled off the dealership forecourt.

Add front and rear vanity plates

Adding personalized license plates to your car instantly makes it stand out – particularly if you opt for a catchy or clever combination of numbers and letters. Changing license plates only costs around $100 in most states.

Change the standard factory-issue wheels and trims

Changing the wheels of a car can give it an entirely different look – but it can get expensive if you buy them brand new. Rather, check online for wrecking sites where you might be able to find a bargain. Also, you might find rare or cheaper options across the major common auction sites like eBay.

Replace headlights – or add other lighting to the exterior

Research has shown the grill and, particularly, the headlights of a car can give it personality and there is a huge range of custom LED lights on the market these days that will not only change the look of your car – they can also make it safer to drive at night too. Modern car lights come in a variety of different colors meaning you don’t need to stick with the standard white lights. For an extra twist, you could also look at adding LED’s to the car exterior – for example, to illuminate its logo.

Add seat covers and floor mats

Replacing the seats in your car can get expensive but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the factory-standard ones that came with your vehicle. Rather, you can make a cosmetic change to seats by adding different colored covers to give them an entirely different style. You could also think about adding color-coordinated floor mats to complete the look.

Upgrade your sound system

While installing a new sound system won’t do anything to change the exterior of your car, large speakers in the doors and back shelf look and sound great. Sound systems are one of the most popular changes enthusiasts make to their cars.

Add decals

Paying for a full custom paint job to a car’s exterior can get expensive. Instead, think about using decals for a cheap and effective way to add a custom style for considerably less. Common designs include stripes or flames – but, really, the only limits are your imagination when it comes to decals so get creative and start styling out your car to the max.