Support · April 16, 2020

Challenges Faced by the Call Center Industry

Outsourcing means helping a third party handle the business functions effectively. When we talk about BPO services, it means contracting the organizations’ services to an external partner to help them augment their customer satisfaction. BPO call center firms help companies handle several non-core responsibilities easily, which is why outsourcing firms have grown in importance.

Today, a large number of businesses rely on BPO outsourcing to handle their customer support along with other secondary business responsibilities. Since call centers help with swift service handling by making a team of experts available on-board, thus businesses rely on their services.

The BPO industry has grown with time and today there is a high rising competition where companies claim themselves to be the best provider. Well, with the advancement in technology, BPOs have undoubtedly modified their services, however, there are some potential challenges to consider.

The customers today are high-demanding and they want the best service at their doorsteps. Well, to offer supreme customer satisfaction and to boost the clients’ customer experience, BPOs need to handle their common challenges. In the monotonous work environment where the agents have to handle repetitive calls all day, there is more on which BPOs need to work upon.

To offer splendid support to the clients, the outsourcing firms have to handle their challenges for efficient services.

Here we pen down some common challenges faced by the BPO industry:

Changing government scenarios

The political scenarios keep on changing with time and with the same the rules keep on changing too. Well, this is a great cause of concern for BPOs as they have to adjust their services repeatedly depending on the changing rules and regulations.

The introduction of certain bills and falling economy affects the BPO business adversely making it a big challenge for them to survive.

Limited budget

Meeting the rising customer needs in the same budget as before is a great challenge. The clients today look for a partner that can help with up-to-date services in a low budget. Wherein the client does not want to pay more, however, they want the best services!

Well, in such circumstances, it becomes impossible to deal with the client, which ultimately leads to losing them. This is one great cause of concern for BPO services. Meeting rising expectations in a low budget is raising several challenges for the call centers!

Rising customer expectations

The technology is modifying every day and with the same, the customer expectation is rising too. Well, this rising expectation is a great challenge because when the business is not able to meet the requirements, the rising customer expectation becomes awful.

It is a challenge for BPOs to meet customer needs that change with advancement in the competitors’ services. Here it becomes important for the agents to be up-to-date or lose customers to the competitor.

Customer attrition due to health issues

Call center firms have faced this challenge for long. BPOs have a monotonous work environment where the agents are supposed to answer repetitive calls all day. This task is daunting, which is why most agents flee early in search of a better opportunity.

Staff attrition has always been a big challenge for BPOs. Along with the same, health issues have always disappointed the employees leading to another challenge for the industry.

Most of the staff in a call center complains of headaches and other health issues due to the monotonous work environment and the need to be seated all day. This is one big reason BPOs have to waste time in hiring and training repeatedly as agents flee early.

Communication hindrance

It is a challenge for the call center industry when it comes to dealing with international clients. Since there is a possibility of language hindrance, which is why call centers lose clients at times.

International customers may not accept talking in English and may ask the agent to speak in the regional language. Well, here is where the BPOs suffer!

To avoid this challenge BPOs need to focus on outsourcing services in the domestic regions only. Also if they look for an international region, they need to have experts having knowledge of the same language spoken there.

Building brand equity

Brand image plays a crucial for every business and so it plays for the BPO services. HR professionals are expected to build a brand name for the BPO company, however, frequent staff and customer attrition may allow this to happen.

Employees are the biggest brand ambassadors and when they flee early, it becomes hard for the BPO HR team to manage brand equity.

This challenge has increased with time as the employees and customers are fleeing to the best providers. Thus to manage brand name, BPOs need to make themselves employee-friendly.

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