General · September 15, 2019

Celebrities and Astrology: How actors and directors are assigning more importance to stars

Astrologers at StarsTell talk about how more and more actors and directors are assigning importance to the stars for success.

Astrology gives people a sense of destiny and time that people can’t find anywhere else. Astro-experts at StarsTell believe that while astrology isn’t as literal as saying “You are going to make this decision tomorrow”, it does provide with a macroscopic view instead. According to them, astrology gives us a sense of where we’re placed with respect to the positioning of celestial bodies.

According to expert astrologers at StarsTell, the art of astrology is gaining recognition worldwide due to more and more celebrities turning into ‘believers’. People idolize celebrities and draw inspiration from them. Whatever a celebrity wears becomes a fashion trend. Some people even go to the extent of closely following their favourite celebrity’s lifestyle and habits. In a similar manner, when people see their favourite celebrities gaining success with the help of astrology and numerology, they tend be inclined towards following the practice.

“Several Bollywood actors believe in the art of astrology, and have gained great success by following the right techniques. Some have changes spelling of their names, like Ajay Devgn (formerly Ajay Devgan) and Viveik Oberoi (formerly Vivek Oberoi), while the others keep good luck charms with them, like Salman Khan’s famous bracelet, or a black thread on Ranveer Kapoor’s left ankle. On the other hand, some actors and producers release their movies at a particular time of a year, like in the case of Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Bollywood is full of such examples,” quips an astrologer from StarsTell.

The revered astrologer also points out at how astrology is gaining popularity among the celebrities worldwide. It’s not just the Indian celebrities. Famous personalities all around the world are turning to astrology and supernatural for the success of their projects. Stars such as Madonna and Britney Spears have shown interest in Kabbalah, a body of teachings that focus on Jewish mysticism.

That’s not it. Actor Gary Busey is friends with astrologer Louis Turi. Sylvester Stallone’s mother, Jackie, is an astrologer who travels the world to let others know about the benefits of astrology. Actor Billy Bob Thornton’s mother is a professional psychic who predicted his 1997 Oscar win.

According to astrologers at StarsTell, not just celebrity astrology, but the art of astrology as a whole, is witnessing a spurt as more and more actors, directors, singers etc are taking keen interest in the placement of the stars. The gradual boost in celebrity astrology is one of the major factors behind the decrease in scepticism regarding the art of astrology. People have started believing on it because the celebs believe on it too. This is taking the propagation of astrology in a great direction.