Education · September 20, 2019

Careers in film making in India

Film making is one of the widest industry in mass media. The creativity and technicality knowledge that one gains will decide their future in this industry. With innovative ideas one should not only bring in freshness to the message but also entertain the audience at the same time. To connect with the audience, one needs to be innovative and passionate about the job.With film making career, one is no more restricted to movies. TV commercials, newsreels, music videos, documentaries or promotional films and many more fields that require film makers. Though this intense work requires the skill and knowledge of technicalities but it is not a single person job. It’s a mix of soundtrack, script, characters, editing, mixing, cinematography and other aspects.Coordinating and working as a team from various departments will decide the fate of the final product. How to join these dots is the job of a film maker.

Scope of Film making

Film industry has grown in certain countries, India being one. It is one of the largest producers when it comes to movies. 2017, Bollywood alone had accounted to $2.30 billion expecting a growth of 11 % every year. Having a wide industry; Bollywood, Sandalwood, Tollywood and Punjabi film industry, one is no more restricted to a single industry in India. With rapid growth of these industries, doors have opened up for aspiring film makers to showcase their talent. The industry has grown as a whole. There has been a shift from movies and TV programmes to theaters and short films. Film makers are desired to expand their reach and thus they are becoming digital. With bringing in their ideas on digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Alt Balagi, they cater to a different set of audience. Digital India has brought in opportunities not only for actors but also for writers, directors, sound artists, musicians and others to bring in fresh talent and showcase something unique.

Jobs in Film Making

Beyond TV, movies and theater, film makers talent is also highly appreciated in other fields that require artistic presentation of their products or services.  Be it education or real estate sector, short stories are required in every field to communicate the message to the customers. Researchers also hire film makers to document a film on their findings which will be kept for future records. A film or a series does not end with the production. One could even specialist in film making field that comes into play after the shooting is wrapped up. Post production, editing and distribution are activities that require people to work on the completed work. They will decide the contributions of VFX, music and sound. The background score, placement of songs and other activities come into play after the principle work is done. Distribution is yet another stage that is also a part of film making. Film distributors decide how to generate the money and through which channels the product needs to be distributed. Radio, newspaper, bloggers, bill boards, TV channels and digital platforms, distributors work on all these platforms and secure a deal for right distribution. Criteria for joining the course To become a successful film maker one needs to have clarity in thoughts, excellent communication skills, ability to think beyond the obvious, bringing in best skill that would match the subject. Training will help them evolve and will train them to translate their ideas on reel industry. This complex yet creative job requires not only bring people of different areas together but also make sure they move towards the same goal. Students completing their +2 standard can join top film making institutes. There are various institutes within India and outside that specialize in film making. One can choose among the top institutes of India to start up with. As it’s a complex yet big business. This art is a never ending learning process. Many film makers spend years in polishing their skills and learn other forms of art. In order to pursue a career in film making, you can enroll in any of course that would skill up your talent and help in a good placement. Based on your interest and talent, the course should be chosen. Film making schools will help polish those skills and equip you with theoretical knowledge. Similar to top virtual reality courses, film making course also require field experience. With top film making institutes, you can get hands on experience with the equipment’s and setup. Few of the institutes even provide internship programmes with reputed companies to give you a glimpse of the industry.