Automobile · February 22, 2020

Car Jacks Manufacturer in India- Manufactured With Best Quality

Having a dream car is something that most of us pray for. But at the end of the day, machinery is machinery and you never know when it breaks down. Having the right car jack is a necessity. Blue Peter India is one of the leading car jacks manufacturer in India. Having superior quality tools is so crucial to keep your car in the best shape. Over the years Blue Peter India has become a favorite of many. The wide array of products and best in class service is what makes the company so loved. They have a dedicated in-house team of professionals who look into all the aspects of manufacturing, export, and customer service closely. Coming up with pioneering ideas to create innovative solutions is the aim that the team strives to achieve.

There are so many car jacks manufacturer in India; it is recommended that you choose the best. Blue Peter’s group company M/s Horizon is an IATF 16949:2016 certified 1st tier sheetmetal OEM supplier to some of the automobile giants nationally & internationally like M/s Maruti – Suzuki, M/s Honda (India & UK) etc. and 2nd tier supplier to M/s GM. The products range from sheet metal automatic components, progressive and compound press dies, automotive designing services, prototyping, assemblies including two wheeler sets or four wheeler wiper arm mechanism and central heating system. State of the art manufacturing is possible due to a robust infrastructure, great industry knowledge of experts, and premium quality. From being the leading car jack manufacturers in India, Blue Peter India is a name that’s synonymous with trust and quality.

The high quality products include hydraulic jacks, trolley jacks, scissors jack, hand tools, tyre puncture tools, repair and maintenance tools for 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers. Each hydraulic jack has a specific capacity and all of them are manufactured with best quality. They have long functional life and give superior performance. In the automatic industry there are various components that are taken care of by Blue Peter India. Complex forming for exterior quarter inner for Maruti Suzuki, body parts – Gusset for Honda, skin parts – lid for Maruti Suzuki; and assemblies including mechanical jack for Maruti Suzuki wiper arm for TRICO – GM. The best part about Blue Peter India’s products is that they are suitable for various needs. You can also get the products customized. The team will help you at every stage. This article is about, one of India’s best car jack manufacturers and the various other products provided by the company. You can also get the products customized.