Car Accidents: Anticipating, Preparing and Taking the Right Action

Car Accidents: Anticipating, Preparing and Taking the Right Action

No matter how good a driver you are, accidents can still happen. It can happen because you were momentarily careless or because someone else was reckless. A wise man or woman will always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So, as a car owner you should anticipate such an event happening and then go about preparing for the worst. This way you will know what to do if an accident happens and the means to reduce any damages.

The policy for dealing with accidents starts with ensuring that you have a safe ride. Then comes insurance and the knowledge of the actions you must take. You should see that the car is fitted from the best manufacturers auto parts India and look for right insurers.


Like any other calamity the best way to prepare for dealing with any accident is prevention. Start by ensuring that your ride is as safe as possible. When you buy a car read all its safety parameters. Make sure that the car has the essential safety parameters, such as seat belts, child safety locks and air bags. Most manufacturers today spend millions in researching the means for maximising safety, even in case of accidents. It is worth investing a bit more to ensure your safety.


A well maintained car will function properly and this can go a long way in avoiding accidents. For instance, maintenance ensures that your braking system works properly, which is essential in ensuring safe driving practices. If your car is not covered by the manufacturer, find a reliable and experienced mechanic. Also ensure that the mechanic sources parts from only the best manufacturers auto parts India.

The car should go for maintenance as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You should look out for any signs that the car is not functioning as it should. Proper maintenance is not just about ensuring the smooth running of your car. Insurers will often check if the accident was the cause of your own negligence.


This is your preparation for the worst. Insurance will ensure that your losses will be covered. Buying an insurance is essential to see that you are protected in case of an accident. But before you buy an insurance, there are some factors that you must keep in mind:

  • Compare and review the different features of car insurance policies. Some essential features will be provided by most insurers. You should check for key points like damage cover, extent of coverage, cover for third-party injuries.
  • Look for additional benefits like engine cover, roadside assistance and personal accident cover. But keep in mind that these additional benefits may come at a higher premium. So, your budget will also decide the insurance.


  • Read reviews of different insurers online. State insurers are usually safest, but there are a number of private players who are equally reliable and who may offer better terms.


  • Compare the premium rates of different insurers. Tally these with the benefits on offer and take a call depending on the cost and benefits. Also check the Claim Settlement Ratio at the IRDA website.


  • Negotiate with your insurer, especially if you have a clean record with no previous records. You can also ask for a No Claim Bonus that gives you better rates.

Taking action

What happens when the accident occurs? You will obviously need a mechanic who can source from reliable manufacturers auto parts India for car repairs. But before that, you have to take some immediate action at the accident site. When the accident occurs, collect as much data as possible. Take photos of the damage and collect contact information of all involved parties, including the other party and witnesses.

Get a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Even when everything seems fine, there could be traumatic hidden injuries. Putting off any treatment will worsen the condition. You will also need medical records when seeking damages. If the accident is very serious, the police may be involved. Get your damage assessed by a reliable mechanic who sources parts from manufacturers auto parts India. The insurance company will also send its own assessor. You may be in for some hard negotiations, but do not settle for anything less than you deserve.

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