Buying Tiles Need To Know About High Quality Tiles

Buying Tiles Need To Know About High Quality Tiles

In the tile selection phase, not everyone knows how to choose advanced tiles to make your home as luxurious and aesthetic as possible. To alleviate this anxiety, read the following article right now. We hope that the information provided in this article will help you better understand how to choose the right bricks and apply them to your home.

1.Criteria for choosing high-end ceramic tiles.

When choosing high-end tiles for your home, you must proceed from the following criteria to select accordingly.

1.1. Choose brand name tiles and meet quality criteria

First of all, when you want to choose any kind of high-quality flooring and cladding, you need to select a reliable brand. Renowned brands will ensure the quality of the tiles you use. Basic quality standards:

– The tile must provide high rigidity. Providing high stiffness and impact resistance is the first criterion when choosing a high-end tile. Because it is one of the factors in the durability and sustainability of your entire home, strong bricks can be used in many places that are often subject to heavy loads. Help your home avoid chipping or brick crack problems, which is aesthetically pleasing and time-consuming to renovate.

– The next condition to using a brick grade is to guarantee an excellent waterproofing. The walls and the floor need this criterion to keep your home secure, beautiful, and healthy for the family. Because fast-absorbing walls cause damage and shorten the life of brick walls. The cracked and waterproof walls are ideal conditions for shelter and the growth of harmful microorganisms. Therefore, when choosing tiles for use, you need to take into account the characteristics of waterproofing.

1.2. Choose the correct mosaic size

Your home will lose its luxurious, first-class look if you choose the wrong tile types in the wrong size. Because the tiles are too big compared to the used space, space’s effect will be reduced. If you choose the wrong brick, too small will cause an aesthetic loss of space due to too many bricks. You can select the size of the high-quality ceramic vitrified tiles according to the following suggestions:

-For houses with an area of ​​less than 18m2, it is recommended to use 30×30 tiles. Because this size fits very well in the declared area, creating the highest aesthetic performance for homes.

– For houses with a common area, generally from 18m2 to 36m2, you must use 40×40 and 50×50 tiles. These two tiles are perfect for choosing a road surface for a space that is neither too narrow nor too wide.

– For houses of more than 36 m2, 60×60 tiles must be used. Since this area is considered spacious, tiles of the appropriate size should be selected. But if your house is too big, you should go for high-end 80×80 tiles to ensure the aesthetics of the living space.

There are several suggestions for you to choose the correct size of bricks to use in your home. Also, be sure to select high-end tiles with the same dimensions that provide seamless lines to create the highest beauty.

1.3. Choose colours, patterns according to the style of your home.

When choosing high-end ceramic tiles, you should not ignore the criteria that must match your lifestyle because the house loses its value if you want the wrong mosaic model. Depending on each home’s design, you can choose a mosaic pattern from the corresponding mosaic group. Many people make the mistake of selecting beautiful tiles without paying attention to the installation.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your home’s brightness to choose the right colour scheme. If your home has received enough natural light, you can freely choose a dark and dark brick colour (if you like). If your home is not bright enough, you should choose light-coloured tiles to create a bright and spacious feel for your living space.

1.4. Select the tiles according to the characteristics of the tile location.

Depending on the area of ​​use, there will be specific requirements for the type of tiles to be used. For example, when choosing beautiful tiles for the living room, you should pay close attention to sophistication and courtesy. When choosing toilet tiles, close attention should be paid to waterproofing and anti-slip properties. When choosing a tile for your kitchen, you need to pay attention to heat resistance, and yet, depending on economic conditions, you can check the prices of elite tiles to choose the type that suits your budget yourself. Each brand has a different price range to match the spending capacity of many people.

2. Are there high-quality tiles that are widely used?

You can choose from a variety of high-end ceramic tile models, in which 2 models of artificial stone and wood are always preferred because they are suitable for all ages. You can check the characteristics of these 2 code examples as follows:

2.1. Fake stone mosaic pattern

Artificial stone tiles are becoming increasingly attractive and luxurious with impressive designs. Fake stone tiles are carefully cared for and create the highest luxury effect for space, especially granite tiles, making the area more valuable. Now there are many models of high-quality artificial stone tiles with modern colours very suitable for buyers’ labels.

In addition to considering when choosing your home mosaic, you must also adhere to these guidelines when selecting fake stone tiles. The beauty of fake stone tiles is that they are resistant, close to nature and suitable for calm people.

2.2. Imitation wood tile

The second most luxurious mosaic pattern is the imitation wood look porcelain tiles models, which make the space extremely luxurious. Don’t think the design is fake of little wood ricks; in fact, this brick has a very diverse design. In addition to perfectly reproducing the true colours of wood, this brick model is also made with a variety of patterns, each with a different sense of beauty for the viewer.

People prefer fake wood bricks because of the heat this brick pattern gives their homes. In particular, if the space is too large, the wood tones will help you feel more secure in the room. On the other hand, fake wood bricks can be used at any time without the house becoming obsolete; this is also the strength of this model.

3. How to buy quality ceramic tiles to be good?

When choosing to buy high-quality digital glazed ceramic vitrified tiles, you need to consider the following points to select the best tiles.

3.1. Choose a trusted agent

The first thing you should do is find a reputable dealer who decides to buy authentic brick structures. You should consult offers from many sources to select the most respected dealer as your brick supplier. On the other hand, these agents often present attractive offers that benefit you the most. If there are too many options, go to the many places that interest you most.

3.2. If possible select a level 1 agent

Tier 1 agents are the manufacturer’s first distributors, so the dealer’s suggested price is best. Additionally, these agencies offer a variety of brick designs with many bricks to meet your needs. Therefore, first of all, these agents can buy ceramic tiles at the best price first.

3.3. Don’t choose to buy bricks too cheap

If you think the chips are too cheap compared to the average level and are invited to buy for a discount, don’t believe it. Because if the price is too low, it might not be a real brick. Be careful with brick and mortar sites like this, so you don’t lose money but your work. So, when you buy ceramic tiles, be careful and watch out for too cheap places.

4. Conclusion

This is the advanced mosaic information the article sent you. I hope this information is helpful to you when purchasing a decorative tile for your home.

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