Home Decor · January 14, 2020

Butterfly Chair: An Eye-catchy and Highly Portable Furniture Item

Our house protects us from the ill-effects of harsh weather conditions and harmful elements. It is like our real little cosy world on this planet that help us stay secure and comfortable against all the odds. It becomes our responsibility to shower our love and show some gratitude to our house in return. Furnishing it judiciously involve enhancing both its aesthetic and functional value. The selection of furniture should be excellent. Butterfly chair might be given a consideration owing to its beautiful design and high functionality as an essential piece of furniture.

Butterfly Chair

The furniture you invest in to decorate your house should feature a unique style and also be able to blend well with the rest of the items around. Some furniture items were manufactured decades ago, but their unique design pattern makes them desirable even today in this contemporary era. They have a certain timeless appeal about them that makes them top the list of most popular furniture items of all times. One such is the butterfly chair, and the unusual pattern of its bordering frame is both eye-catchy and consumes less space. Whether the architectural style of your house is more towards traditional or it depicts a polished contemporary style, you can expect this specific chair to complement both the architectural style appropriately.

Timeless appeal to all

The eye-catchy, elegant and artistically patterned bordering frame also is responsible for making the butterfly chairs more light in weight. It makes the chair highly portable and a person can easily lift it up with their hands and relocate them to anywhere they wish. The availability of this specific feature makes the chair one of the most sought after furniture items you can think of. As already mentioned, the chair was first designed decades ago, but its unique styling and portability make it attract attention till today.

Why Butterfly?

Look at the unique design that resembles butterfly wing outline

One might wonder and feel curious to know why this chair is named Butterfly Chair. Well, the reason is very straightforward. The structural and design pattern of the bordering frame bears a striking resemblance to that of the outline of the butterfly wings to a large extent. It makes the chair stand out and enjoy a competitive edge. The butterfly chair is also commonly known as a Hardoy chair or BKF chair, which features a tubular frame and is available with a huge sling. You will find the sling is hanging from the extreme points (curves at the edges of the chair) for creating a suspended seat.


Most commonly you will find the frame of butterfly chairs in jet black colour to give it a more definition. At Archetypen, attractive options on an array of such chairs in leather, canvas and other materials are readily available. The price cost is highly competitive and pocket-friendly. It is popularly used for recreational seating purposes and is believed to be a contemporary version of the Paragon Chair. Archetypen is a premium furniture online store, and it has been in this field for a considerable timeframe. You can count on this store for accessing such uniquely designed furniture items to decorate your house with.