Brightest Outdoor Christmas Light Trends for 2020

Brightest Outdoor Christmas Light Trends for 2020

Australia, the home of 24.99 million people, is considered as one of the happiest places worldwide. Based on the 2019 World Happiness Report, the country ranked high in the list of places where residents are content with their lives, according to the annual publication released by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. It means that the majority of the people in the country are satisfied with the status of their economy, social issues, environment, law and order, and overall well-being. 

Because of the favourable living conditions in the country, celebrating annual holidays is very meaningful and grand in Australia. Every Christmas, most Australians go out and spoil their family and friends with gifts to commemorate the season. They also attend various Christmas events like the Carols by Candlelight charity musical event in Melbourne and visit the Christmas Wonderland at Sydney Showgrounds. It is also a common practice to put up plenty of Christmas lights in Australia to decorate houses during the festive season. 

Christmas decoration trends usually come and go. For the upcoming season, you can start playing with your Christmas light displays to have merry vibes at home throughout the holidays. 

Sparkling Pine-filled Baskets

Adding Christmas light decorations can instantly bring a holiday ambience at home. You can incorporate your favourite style by creating DIY projects for your upcoming holiday decorations. One of the easiest DIY Christmas decors that you can customise is the decorative basket with lighting bulbs. 

You only need to gather several pine cones then put them in an ornamental basket, then wrap it around with starry wire lights or LED wire deco star strings. You only need to hide the batteries under the basket discreetly. Place the finished baskets in the porch surrounding the house to add a jolly feeling in your surroundings.  

Illuminated Roof 

Make your home the brightest and most interesting spot in your neighbourhood by putting Christmas lights all over your roof. It will capture the attention of everyone on the streets each time you turn on the lights. 

One of the most common light options for roof illumination includes the classic white Christmas lights that usually cast a warm glow all over the place. You may also use festive multicolour christmas lights in Australia to create a cheerful outdoor roof decoration. 

Flexible Christmas Wire Lights

Make every nook and cranny of your garden light up for the holiday season by using flexible wire lights. You can wrap yards of lights on your trees to turn it into instant Christmas trees. It can also brighten the porches all over the house. Unlike the usual Christmas lights, these flexible wire lights are useful to highlight even the hard to reach edges of the garden. 


While Christmas in Australia is normally a summer event, you can still bring snow to your garden by using LED snowflake string lights. You can hang it all over your outdoor area to create an eye-catching winter wonderland. It is best to hang along the gutters, under the gazebo roof or hung it on the trees. 

Decorating the exterior areas of your home for Christmas is one of the most exciting holiday activities that your family may look forward to every year. But make sure to look for high-quality Christmas lights to prevent unwanted electrical emergencies during the Christmas season. It will guarantee that you and your loved ones will have a merry holiday this year. 

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