Shopping · August 8, 2020

Bottles And Spoons Your Baby Cannot Get Over With.

Baby care products are another domain wherein you can find numerous products that, let alone your baby, even you cannot get over it.

With a wide variety of varying shapes and sizes, colors and materials, sometimes you might feel as if you are standing in Disney land, surrounded by cartoons. The baby care companies have also had their way by attracting a lot of parents with new and handy baby products that are a boon to today’s working-class parents. Shavinaybaby is one such online platform that has helped a lot of new parents to make the right and affordable choices on baby bottle accessories and spoons.

Our collection of feeding spoons, that are made with non-toxic and durable material might be the next set of spoon you want your babies to eat with.

Here is a list of some of our feeding spoons that recommend “add to cart”.

  1. Temperature Sensing Baby Safety Spoon set:

We care for your baby! These spoons are inbuilt with temperature sensing technology that lets you know if the temperature of the food that has been served to the baby is just right for him/her. They are a set of four available in yellow, blue, and pink colour. These spoons are small in size, so don’t worry about your baby not getting a good grip on it. It is available in two materials that are silicon and plastic. Experts recommend silicone spoons for those parents who look for extra safety for their babies and the durability of the spoon.

  1. Baby Plastic Spoon and Fork Set

Looking forward to giving your baby a gist of how forks are but at the same time still letting him/her work on his/her eating motor skills? Then these pair of spoons are the right choice for you. Don’t worry these plastic spoons won’t harm your babies mouth as they are curved form the edges and the thick body of the spoon makes it more grippy for your child. Available in an amazing blue and white stripe patterns, these spoons also come with a case of its own which also makes them your babies on the go feeding buddies.

Moving on … Do you think your baby is at the age, where he/she should quit breastfeeding and start sipping it form the bottle? If yes !! Then here are some bottles that might help your baby catch up fast on his self drinking motor skills.

  1. Baby Safe Bottle With Straw:

With a sliding dome cap and two handles attached to the side of the bottle, it makes the bottle a perfect starter self drinking bottle for your baby. The cap slides back under the other half of the cap and the straw pops out of the lid, which mimics a breast. Don’t worry about your baby dropping the bottle while drinking it, we are sure that with two handles your baby will get a good grip over it. Available in magenta, green and blue colour, you babies will never let it go out of their sight.

  1. Universal electric feeding bottles

 These bottles are must-have for working parents out there. A small electric pot with two slots in it. Where you can just place the milk feeding bottle and wait for it to do its magic. You can now have hot milk anytime anywhere. The pot also comes with a sterilizing technology. So your baby is now always safe from harmful germs and bacteria out there. It takes 5 minutes to sterilize the bottle and another 5 to heat the milk, you see, it’s quite fast and convenient.

More than 37 thousand parents are happy to have this simple but handy technology in their kitchen.

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