Booking Home Maintenance Service Online

Booking Home Maintenance Service Online

Have you recently moved to a new home? There is so much to do, making the right spaces for your furniture, ensuring the doors, windows, and locks are working fine. Electricity is another area that needs some work. Be sure that all the switches and plug points are working fine, adding the right plug points at your convenience. Last but certainly not least is to rest assured of all the taps working smoothly along with the bathroom fixtures.

It is an endless list and certainly not an organized one. The requirements keep coming on ad-hoc. A few need urgent attention, while others can wait till they need urgent attention.

How many times did we get home maintenance service using local handyman professionals without getting expected results? What’s worse is there is no responsibility from the local service providers, they might choose to stop replying to our phone calls.

We need a magical service that provides up expert home maintenance service on-demand. Online booking will make the job better as calling and chasing local service providers is not one of the best experiences we have had in our lives.

Branded goods have the option to book services online. However, beyond the warranty period, it becomes too expensive. The non-branded goods and other ad-hoc services need a professional home maintenance service provider.

Easy Fix is India’s leading professional handyman service provider for corporates and individuals looking for a reliable handyman. Easy Fix has a pan India operation with services available in 220 cities. Corporates use Easy Fix for their annual maintenance to get standard service across India without worrying about hiring local handyman, substandard service or managing petty cash and advance. Even individuals can use Easy Fix to book for their home maintenance service and get the same expertise that corporates can avail.

Booking home maintenance service on Easy Fix is a breeze and can be done in three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Describe the Problem
    • The first step in online home service booking with Easy Fix is to describe the problem in your own words. Easy Fix also provides the option to upload a video or photograph to explain the requirement. The job description with evidence ensures Easy Fix assigns the task to a professional handyman who is a domain expert and comes with relevant reviews.
  • Step 2: Choose the Date and Time
    • Easy Fix allows us to choose a convenient date and time for the home maintenance service. The comfort of online home service by Easy Fix gets the best experts without searching one every time you need a home maintenance service.
  • Step 3: Provide Contact Details
    • Provide your contact details to let Easy Fix reach you with the confirmation of your online home service. Easy Fix maintains strict confidentiality of customer contact details as a policy.

Why Online Home Service?

Online is synonymous with comfort. However, when it comes to home maintenance service, it is not just convenience. Online home service offers us access to handymen professionals with background verification when booked using Easy Fix. Online home service also enables us to get the right handyman for the job as Easy Fix matches the handymen with relevant experience and ratings needed for the job. Moreover, online home service also helps us to choose the date and time as per our convenience.

Is it for Office also?

Yes, Easy Fix primarily offers its service for corporates and extends it to home maintenance service also. Easy Fix has several advantages to corporates over local handyman professionals. Corporates do not have to worry about managing petty cash and advances and can get in an annual contract that offers standard pricing across the country. Easy Fix also ensures that brands get approved service quality across all their locations.

An advantage that brands get with Easy Fix is a technology platform that allows them to raise requests, monitor requests, get transparent accounting, view dashboards and alerts.

Corporates may also request services similar to home maintenance service by booking a handyman on the Easy Fix online platform. While most corporates prefer to have an annual maintenance contract to ensure smooth processes and effective services, ad-hoc bookings are also allowed on Easy Fix.

Home users need to follow the easy online process and book the home maintenance service.

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