Health and Fitness · January 22, 2021

Bond with Your Unborn Baby: 3 Reasons to Purchase a Baby Fetal Doppler

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Fetal dopplers are monitoring devices of a baby’s heartbeat. It allows you to listen to the heartbeat of your baby via headphones or speakers. Previously, this activity could only happen with an ultrasound, but now you can utilise a baby fetal doppler to hear your baby anytime.

For it to work, you need to place an ultrasound gel on your abdominal area. Use a probe to glide over your tummy. You should detect the movements and hear something. The heart rate data will show on the device. With plenty of practice, you will be able to distinguish which sound is your baby’s heartbeat.

Baby fetal dopplers can detect atrioventricular block or CAVB

Year on year, about 120,000 pregnant women carry antibodies called anti-SSA. This antibody results in an atrioventricular block (CAVB). This condition is irreversible and results in the death of 31% of affected babies in utero.

Fortunately, CAVB is a condition that can be caught in the first stages once an irregular rhythm is detected. It can be treated right away. But the problem is, this condition develops in 24 hours, meaning it is not immediately caught with an echocardiogram.

Fortunately, a study found that a baby fetal doppler helps mitigate CAVB in the first stages. Researchers taught mothers to utilise a fetal doppler at least a couple of times per day. When mothers detect an irregular heartbeat or could barely hear it, they were instructed to contact their doctors at once.

There were numerous instances where utilising a fetal doppler at home helped mothers hear an irregular heartbeat and immediately seek medical help. Without fetal dopplers, these mothers wouldn’t have known that their babies are suffering CAVB, and their babies would not have survived.

Minimise stress

One of the top benefits of utilising a fetal doppler is mitigating a mother’s anxiety. Pregnancy complications might occur without a mother ever knowing. Some women even constantly stress over whether their baby will be alright.

This anxiety becomes even worse if a woman has experienced a miscarriage previously. Slight changes in their bodies can make mothers panic. They think they are experiencing another miscarriage.

For example, some women will have spotting in the middle of pregnancy. If a mother has experienced a pregnancy loss before, it is a cause of alarm. Fortunately, a fetal doppler can provide you with a checkup if you want to know the state of your unborn child. You don’t need to rush to the doctor for an ultrasound.

If the father is working full-time, it may be challenging for him to attend appointments at the doctor’s office. He might miss the opportunity to view your baby on an ultrasound screen and see the developments. As a mother, the baby is growing inside you, and you can feel every movement and kick. However, a father will find it difficult to bond with the baby until it arrives. Since he is not seeing the baby yet, he might feel that becoming a parent is still unreal. When you utilise a fetal doppler, your partner becomes more involved. Hearing a heartbeat firsthand will make him feel more of a father.

Family involvement

It is crucial to have a fetal doppler in your home when you’re expecting a baby. It helps you monitor your baby inside the womb. With a fetal doppler, you can bond with your baby and allow your partner and other loved ones to hear your baby’s movements.