bheemashankar s guled Wikipedia|caste|wife|bhimashankar guled ips officer

bheemashankar s guled Wikipedia|caste|wife|bhimashankar guled ips officer

Bheemashankar s guled -A successful investigation beneath Inspector Ramakrishna Reddy from Yelahanka station with the oversight of DCP Bhimashankar Guled and ACP Srinivas.

Three are in remission beneath murder case.

Bengaluru city’s northeast division Yelahanka cops have in remission three members on the accusation of murder case.

1)Chandpasha Bin emeer Jaan, 40years, Shivanna home, opposite to house of God, Manavarthi thota , Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

2)Chanajay @ Mot bidi Bin Muniraj, 30years, Anjinappa building,2nd cross , Kamakshamma layout, Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

3)Naveen Yadav Bin Lt., Srinivas, 20years, Rayacheravu village, Cheluru hobli, Bhagepalli taluk, Chikkaballapura district, are the in remission criminals.

On a Sunday night around 11pm on 22-09-2019, a 32year previous Dilip Bin Sheshegowda was savagely dead in associate motor vehicle close to the Yelahanka terminal opposite to Kondappa street’s road close to Sri sai Condiments and bakeshop. Dilip’s brother Sudeep was well-read regarding his brother’s murder by one in every of Dilip’s friend named Vasu. Sudeep checked the spot and straightaway registered a criticism in Yelahanka station.

Bheemashankar S Guled

M.B Ramakrishna Reddy and his cluster have with success investigated and in remission the 3 defendant .

Late., Sheshegowda had 2 sons named Dilip and Sudeep. Pastly, they were the residents of Yelahanka’s Marutinagara with their mother however recently, they need been vacated to kattigenahalli of Yelahanka. Lt., Dilip was associate autodriver and additionally had a list in Yelahanka station. Dilip was associate alcoholic and someone with irregular habitual. He ne’er listened to the wordings of any of his well wishers

Accused Chandpasha had rent his motor vehicle to Dilip . Dilip was irregular at paying the rent and created a chaos and even warned Chandpasha that he would kill him. Bheemashankar s guled On the premise of investigation it’s same that within the rage Chand conspired against Dilip with the assistance of his mates Dhananjay ,Naveen, Ashok and Allabakhash and with success dead Dilip.

Police same that defendant Dhananjay pastly had list in Bengaluru’s D.J halli, Yeshwanthpur, Indiranagara, and Tilaknagar.

Bheemashankar Guled IPS adolescence

This investigation was conducted beneath Bengaluru city’s Northeast Division DCP Dr. Bhimashankar Guled( Bheemashankar s guled ) and Yelahanka’s ACP M.S Srinivas Rao and Inspector M.B Ramakrishna Reddy from Yelahanka’s station. provisionary Sub-inspector Surendrachar and HC5567 Venkatesh, HC5647 Ramesh ,HC5780 Venkatesh, HC55541 Udaykumar, HC5414 Ramesh ,HC6056 Narasimhalu , HC919 Alim authority, PC14467Jnanesh were within the inquiring team.

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