Best Ways to Use Real Estate Paid Search for Getting the Right Traction

Best Ways to Use Real Estate Paid Search for Getting the Right Traction

If you are a realtor trying to rank your real estate website on the top of Google rankings and the organic strategies are just not helping, paid search is another way to gain more traction for your business.

With the help of real estate paid search, you can take your business directly to prospective clients. This strategy is a great way to boost traffic and leads, which naturally can have a significant impact on the business’s growth.  

So, what are some of the best ways to make use of this approach to get the right traction for your real estate business?

Concentrate On Geo-targeting

One of the best ways to use real estate paid search for boosting your business and gaining more traction is by incorporating geo-targeting practices in the process. The geo-targeting feature introduced by Google Ads works in such a way as to tackle the localization problems and also eliminates the appearance of ad pop-ups in irrelevant locations.

By altering the location settings, you can target more people in a particular area and make your ad visible to those who search for houses or properties in those specific zones.

Bid on Your Brand Terms

When it comes to the real estate business, getting noticed or discovered can be quite challenging and tricky. The discovery process tends to be pretty unique, and it also requires a fair share of investment in brand keywords and terms.

Usually, the customers who look for real estate details and information search for it in different ways- physical signs like ads and name boards, friends and family, online apartment guides, Craigslist, etc. However, such platforms are not always reliable and do not provide much data.

Only a branded search will give results, especially when the customers search for a particular brand or name. To get traction by utilizing this, you have to capitalize on the lower funnel searches. Use real estate paid search and bid on your brand keywords and terms.

Try To Get Good Ad Positions

In Google Ads, ad position refers to the order of your real estate business’s advertisement in the auction results compared to that of your competitors’ commercials. The ad position depends majorly on the Ad Rank, a metric used by Google. You can leverage three types of ad extensions for your real estate ads: location extensions, site link extensions, and price extensions.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the search phrases that will prevent your ad from showing up in irrelevant locations and searches. For instance, if you are a real estate business exclusively working with beach houses and condos, you will not be dealing with other types of homes and properties.

In such cases, you can optimize your real estate paid search options by listing the other properties as negative keywords. This way, when a customer initiates a search using those keywords, your real estate site will not show up.

Some ways to do this is by removing the clicks which are generated by specific city name or community name searches and by removing the low-intent searches. The real estate paid search is one of the great models that help get good traction in the market. With the right resources by your side, you can use this strategy to develop your real estate business in the neighborhood.

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