Best Social Marketing Strategies For Festive Season 2020

Best Social Marketing Strategies For Festive Season 2020

2020 has been a year of hustle with dramatic highs and lows in the market. Regardless of the type of industry, they fall in; brands need to pull up their socks and tighten their belts for the exciting festive ride that is going to start soon.

Holidays are a season of euphoria that explodes excitement in both brands and customers. This much-awaited festival holiday is gearing up the enthusiasm of online retailers and brands with anticipation of amplified sales. 

But the question is, Are you ready to kick-off your striking promotions for a winsome start?

Here are some important strategies to frame an effective marketing campaign for the festive season 2020.

Festive and Holiday marketing

Holidays and festivals are on its way, and shoppers are all set to rush their feet into the markets. But due to global pandemic, brands have adopted the online platforms for marketing their products on a large scale. 

There is a lot of buzz around the festive season to shop for new styles and designs. To avoid the mad rush at the end, it’s better for the brands to prepare early as the shopping trend during holidays and the festive season is felt throughout the globe. 

The season begins with Black Friday and ends up with the new year’s eve. The shoppers from all over the world embrace this two months of the festive shopping season, making this time most pleasurable for the online retailers. 

It needs a lot of creative ideas to plan a productive marketing strategy to boost your sales during this season, and we are here to help to construct the most fruitful marketing guide for this festive season starting from the black Friday marketing strategies to Christmas campaigns.

Strategies to ace the market during the festive season 2020

1. Don’t let shoppers cease to think of your brand.

The first thing for the brand to make sales is to be remembered. Brands should never miss a chance to roll over into the feeds of the potential customers to make them feel connected with the brand every time.

Marketers should promote their brands much before their competitors steal the show. It’s better to promote your brand much before the festive season starts and trigger your market presence at regular intervals.

2. Delve into your past performance and analyze your results

“Learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”  

As a brand, you should always analyze your past performance and learn from its results to get on the path of success. Measure your last year’s conversion rates, sales, and revenue and determine how much more you need to put in, to aspire what your brand has dreamt for.

After analyzing your graph, you should focus on your pain points and nurture them with extra efforts to get maximum results.

3. Keep it simple yet attractive.

Brands sometimes get caught up in the hustle of promoting products during the festive season, which results in wobbly performance. To keep the show ON, brands should consider starting from small festive marketing campaigns. 

You should keep in mind the bandwidth of your team and the extent of your market sphere. It’s better to start with basic advertisements at the beginning, which would lead to better sales. 

The best strategy is to emphasise on one offer, and one product in each advertisement to make it simply attractive for the customers.

4. Adapt to the behaviour of customers in a modest way

To gain customer’s attention, brands need to get ready to react to the behaviour of the customers and adapt it in a sophisticated way.

Personalization of websites is the best way to do that. Brands can personalize and customize their websites according to customer needs and interests. Optimize your websites in a way that customers feel welcomed by the brands.

This way, brands can connect with the emotions of the customers and turn their inspirations into sales.

5. Stay active on your social networking channels.

Social media is a trendy destination for modern-day shoppers. They hang out on these channels and get influenced by the new products and designs.

Social media helps the brands to discover the new trends of the market and provide them with the most happening platform to exhibit their products and new launches.

Also, brands can opt for influencer marketing on social media or go with unique social commerce solutions to increase their market reach and influence potential customers to make a purchase. 

6. Create customized hashtags

People these days search for something on social media using hashtags. These hashtags provide easy and relevant search results to the customers. 

Brands should run hashtag campaigns before the festive season starts to enhance their awareness. This helps the brands to improve the discoverability of their products and attract a large scale customer base.

This is the best way to create buzz around your brand and to keep your brand’s name trending in the feeds of potential customers.

7. Do not cast aside your existing customers.

“Old is Gold”. Your existing customers are the only treasure that create positive  which you have earned in your business journey. It’s important to build a new customer base, but you should never brush off from your mind the value of your existing customers.

To remind them that they are still special for your brand, do not fail to provide them with exciting offers and astonishing discounts. Email marketing is the best way to do it. 

Brands can send emails to their existing customers about the new products they have launched with attractive offers and coupon codes. This will make them feel overwhelmed for the products and will trigger their emotions for the brand. 


The most vivacious and energetic shopping season is yet to arrive, and there is nothing better to plan early. With these marketing strategies, you can shine with a spark in your market ecosystem. Optimize your strategies well and finalize your campaigns before making them live, because there is nothing important than a balanced relationship between a brand and a customer.

So, construct your marketing strategy now!

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