Medical · October 24, 2019

Best Selling Contact Lens Colors

Contact lenses allow you to correct your vision, while colored contact lenses allow that, and more. Tinted lenses can change your eye color, affording you a look that could be anywhere between bold and subtle. Whether you want to enhance your look during regular days or you want to add a little bit more detail to your Halloween costume, colored lenses are the way to go. 

Prescription and Plano

Prescription color contacts correct your vision problems, such as myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism, with the bonus of changing your eye color. 

Plano contact lenses have no curative properties. They have no lens power for correction of vision impairments, and they are purely for the cosmetic purpose of changing your eye color. 

Colored contacts can cost significantly more than regular contacts. But for the majority wearing them, the fact that you can change your eye color is worth spending the extra money. 

Colored Contacts Types

Many contacts are designed to mimic the look of the colored part of the eye, the iris. Some colored contacts feature radially arranged lines or colored dots to make the contacts look more natural. The center of the lens is clear, to not impede vision. There are three types of colored contacts. 

  • Visibility tints contain a thin layer of light green or blue hue on the lens, to let you see it better during removal and insertion, or when you accidentally drop it. It has no noticeable effect on eye color as the hue is relatively faint. 
  • Enhancement tints are a little darker than visibility tints. Enhancement tints, as the name implies, enhance the natural color of the eyes. This type of colored contacts are best for people with light-colored irises and would want to make the color more vibrant, seeing as it is a solid but translucent lens. 
  • Opaque tints change your eye color entirely through its non-translucent hue. They come in a whole host of colors. Theatrical contact lenses fall under this category. Special-effect contact lenses are available for commercial and novelty use. Opaque tints completely change your eye color. 

Custom-Tinted Lenses 

Some contact lens manufacturers create custom-tinted lenses, both prescription and plano contacts. They may come in all sorts of colors and varieties, and can even mask a congenital eye defect or injury, mimicking the appearance of a healthy pupil. 

Custom tints are not just for cosmetics. Athletes use custom tints as “sports tint” to reduce glare, heighten depth perception, and to increase their overall visual performance. For example, a green tint allows a tennis player to see the ball much clearer. 

Picking The Colors

The color of the lens that would suit you depends on a multitude of factors, such as skin tone and hair color. But ultimately, it depends on what look you want to achieve. 

Arguably, the essential part of choosing a colored lens to wear is to make sure to select a pair that will change the color of your eyes in the way you hope. Check whether you want to enhance your natural eye color or to change it drastically. 

Once you ascertain what you need, figure out the shade that would work well. If you aim for a complete change such as a Halloween get-up or theater costume, then you would not need to worry about matching shades too much. But if you aim for a subtler look, then this is of importance. 

Best Selling Colors for Warm Tones

Warm skin tones include those complexions with gold or yellow undertones or those with golden brown or yellow blonde hair colors. Best matching and selling lens colors for those with warm tones include shades of light brown, honey, hazel, and green.

Best Selling Colors for Cool Tones

Cool skin tones are those which have blue undertones, and those with blue-black, salt-and-pepper, or strawberry blonde hair color. Similarly, cool eye colors, such as icy blue or violet, maybe the most appealing. 

Best Selling Colors For Light Eyes

Light-shaded eyes who aim for a subtler look would want an enhancement tint that deepens the natural color and defines the edges of the iris. Consider hair color and complexion before choosing a shade. 

Pale blue eyes would work best with other blues, greys, or even greens for a more understated and subtle change. 

However, if you want to don a dramatic look that everyone would notice immediately, naturally light-colored eyes would want warm-toned best-selling colors, such as light brown.  

Best Selling Colors for Dark Eyes

Opaque-colored hues are the best colors for dark eyes. Soften their impact by the usage of opaque tints in light shades of brown. For a natural-looking change, honey brown or hazel colors are best sellers. 

If you want to create an impact and stand out from the crowd, then vivid colors, such as violet, blue, or green, are some best-selling hues. 

Dark-colored skin works well with bright-colored lenses for a show-stopping look. 

Drawbacks of Color Contacts

  • There can be some occasions when the contact lenses may slide around, especially during blinking. Not only may this create a weird appearance, but it may also affect vision. 
  • The pupil constantly changes sizes to accommodate varying light conditions. Sometimes, your pupil may be larger than the precise center of your contact lenses. This may also cause vision problems. 
  • Lens hygiene can be quite a chore to follow, and ill-treated lenses can cause higher risks of infections and scratching. 
  • Contact lenses, especially colored ones, are quite expensive. They can cause upwards of $300, including the cost of cleaning solutions. People who require frequent replacements naturally rack up more expenses. 

All kinds of contact lenses are safe, provided they are properly used and cared for. You will need to consult with an eye care professional, though, to secure a contact lens prescription, ensuring that the lens is a perfect fit for your eye. Color contacts aren’t harmful to the eyes if you follow the instructions of your eye doctor, particularly on matters about how long to wear and when to replace them. Find the best-selling color for you, one that best suits your desired appearance and personality. Check out TTDEYE for more eye care tips.