Best Roofing Materials for Homes in Melbourne

Best Roofing Materials for Homes in Melbourne

The roof not only adds value to your home but enhances its curb appeal as well. What matters is the material you choose for roofing. Moreover, the roof also protects your home from the weather elements and noise. Therefore, you should exercise caution while choosing a roofing material. For design, the roof represents the most extensive surface between your home and the road.

With various factors to consider, such as budget, style, functionality, and personal preferences, here are the best roofing materials from which you can choose a suitable option.

Steel roofing

Steel roofs resonate with the architectural lingo of Melbourne. You can choose steel roofing not only due to its good looks owing to exterior cladding, but it shows high strength as well. Moreover, the steel roof is non-combustible and is a perfect match for places with a harsh climate. When it comes to the longevity of steel roofing, you can expect them to last for three to four decades. Besides this, the painted finish on steel roof can last for about two decades before it starts flaking due to the roaring heat.

With adequate and long-term maintenance, you can make the roof last longer. As far as choosing colours of steel roofs is concerned, you should go for shades that reflect heat, such as grey. Today, steel roofs come with a unique finish and coating on the top, which makes it last longer. However, you have to know the regulations of roof installation before calling the professional roofers.

Tin roofs

Tins roofs are visible just about in every locality although you may often find it in the rural areas. One of the reasons why people incline towards this option during Roof Restoration Melbourne is its low cost. Moreover, it is relatively easier to install. You can paint tin roofs with any colour you want.

Although a tin roof may not sport the same look like steel or tiles, it represents those homeowners looking forward to minimalist designs. Besides this, tin roofs can reflect heat away from your home and helps in keeping the home fresh during the hot summer days. Tin us lightweight, which makes it a self-supportive structure and reduces the cost of installation.

Concrete tiles and terracotta

With a life span of fifty years or more, terracotta is one of the most attractive roofing options for your home. The terracotta tiles emerge from natural clay, which us kiln-fired with glazed top. As the colour locks in during the process of formation of these tiles, they do not age quickly. On the other hand, the concrete tiles come from a mixture of sand and cement with a pigmented colour coating on the top. As there is no glaze in concrete, the weather elements can make them dull. However, one of the most significant advantages of using concrete is that it does not corrode in the coastal areas. For all kinds of roofs, regular maintenance can enhance longevity.

Solar tiles

Another popular option to choose for roofing is solar tiles, which is less expensive and environment-friendly as well. Solar tiles not only increase your savings with a lower energy bill but reduce the maintenance cost of roofs as well. If you are looking forward to a contemporary roof for your home, investing in solar tiles can help.

You can choose any roof from the materials mentioned above, but be sure to get something which makes roof repairs Melbourne look easy. Try to maintain a balance between aesthetics, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness before making the right choice.

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