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Best Places For A Weekend Tour West Bengal With Bengal Tour Plans

West Bengal, a state that rests on the eastern bank of India, is a long coastline with enormous natural beauty. There are numerous dramatic landscapes for Weekend Tour West Bengal, from the northern Himalayas to the southern shores of Kolkata, and a glut of old-world charm. Its picturesque vistas and the beautiful mansions that dotted the sky make it a must-visit for photography enthusiasts. Places such as Darjeeling offer an array of attractions. So Going for a Weekend Tour of West Bengal with your family is a very enjoyable affair. But before hitting the road, you need to plan out your trip according to the activities you have planned out. The first thing that you have to plan is how much you have to carry with you. So, this article will help you in planning your visit according to your travel needs. It will also let you know about the products that can be carried during your visits. You can now plan an enjoyable Weekend Tour of West Bengal with confidence from Kolkata.

Importance Of Weekend Tour West Bengal:

With the rich culture, awesome landscapes, luxury heritage hotels peppered with historical monuments and artifacts, one can be sure this state has plenty to offer. West Bengal’s enchanting cities are known for their ancient cultures and traditions, besides providing culture tours galore. Wherever you go in West Bengal, you can be sure of an excellent weekend break, an educational tour, or a family holiday. Weekend Tour West Bengal is a delicate affair. The state is brimming with unique sights and sounds. It’s the perfect place to indulge in some simple pleasures in life. Here you can feast on Bengal’s famous sweets, see the beautiful sunrise over the Bay of Bengal, relax by the Subodh Banerjee Lake, listen to fairy tales in Shantiniketan, visit the birthplace of Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, or simply admire one of India’s most beautiful Botanical Gardens at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose.

Why Should I Opt For Weekend Tour West Bengal?

West Bengal is truly a mosaic of imprints. It has evolved as one of the most multicultural states of India. It is home to the largest Muslim population in the sub-continent and has hosted the capital of three empires, namely the Mughals and the British. It also served as an important seat for many other rulers during the medieval period. And West Bengal is home to several destinations that are bound to mesmerize the Indian traveler. Beginning with Kolkata, this land offers a kaleidoscope of wonders in its patchwork of varied destinations. For years, the city has been the icon of India’s style and elegance, but what you have not seen, are the fantastic weekend destinations that lie near it. . Besides this old icon, West Bengal is home to many iconic landmarks equally famous for their heritage and architectural grandeur. Book your Weekend Tour West Bengal today with Bengal Tour Plans today!

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