Best Oncologist in Pune

Best Oncologist in Pune

In today’s world, it can be seen that there is a tremendous increase in cancer counts across the world. This brings in the need of the oncology team. You will find various oncologists in Pune but only limited are able to provide the best cure for the disease. We are one  best oncologists in Pune and our driving force is hopes and positive results of our research and the amount of hard work our team carries out to treat their patients with maximum care for maximum recovery and improve the quality and life span of life. We are considered to be most highly reputed in the field of best oncologists in Pune, treating patients with care and make the best use of the latest technology to cure disease.

We have highly trained and experienced medical professionals that skilfully treat patients with cancer affecting them such as breast, head and neck, lung, gastrointestinal and others. We take pride to have best service for oncologists in Pune and built a higher successful case in the field of curing patients and relieved their problems.

Who is an Oncologist, a specialist?

Oncology is the specialized branch of medicine that refers to the field of cancer including diagnosis and researches. Oncologists are those doctors who treat cancer patients. Curing cancer treatment is a tough process and involves various medical procedures that bring the need for a specialty team.

Job of Oncologist

An oncologist’s role is to do their best to cure cancer patients. It starts with the research, analysis and proper diagnosis process. The following are the job duties that our best oncologist specialist in Pune follows, i.e

  • Giving brief and knowledge to the patient about the cancer diagnosis process, including the stage.
  • Making the best use of technology to get the treatment done accurately.
  • Make patient feel comfortable by offering quality and compassionate care.
  • Providing assistance to the patient to handle cancer symptoms and understand side effects.
  • Maintain regular follow-up with the patient after proper diagnose is done.

Types of Oncologists

There are different types of oncologists depending upon the nature, stage, and location of cancer. Different types of oncologists require specialized services for cancer treatment. The field of oncology consists of three divisions namely medical, surgical and radiation. There are other sub-specialties.

Medical Oncologist

Medical Oncologist is a type of oncologist where a doctor treats cancer using chemotherapy. They also use some medication techniques like targeted therapy or immunotherapy. It is the first health care that is needed for a cancer patient who diagnoses the patient’s treatment. It works with the other medical departments to drive the best results to the patient. He is the one who takes up follow up with the patients after post-treatment.

Surgical Oncologist

A surgical oncologist is the type of oncologist where a surgeon performs the removal of cancerous tumors. The operation is taken up by a general surgeon who undertakes additional training in oncology and expertise. A surgical oncologist is specialized in performing biopsies to help diagnose cancer. We have the best surgical oncologist in Pune.

Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists are the type of oncologist where doctors treat cancer through radiation therapy. Radiation therapy employs high-energy X-rays to kill the cancerous cells in your body. There are cases where it is nearly impossible to destroy cancer cells so in that case, oncologists use the radiations to reduce the tumor or slow the tumor growth without affecting the other tissues. This method is known as palliative therapy. Our team includes the best radiation oncologist in Pune. The main objective is to improve the patient’s quality of life by controlling the tumors growth and its related symptoms.

Other Sub-specialties

Gynecologic Oncologist

In this type of oncologist, doctors treat cancers related to the female reproductive system. It includes ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, and more. They are trained obstetrician-gynecologist who sub-specialize in oncology.

Pediatric Oncologist

In this type of oncologist. The doctor specializes in cancer treatment of children. Cancers are also affecting children affecting their life. Cancer can affect and cause diseases like brain tumors, leukemia, osteosarcoma, and Ewing’s sarcoma.


These are oncologists, who are into diagnosing and treating blood cancers. It includes diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.


These are oncologists, who are dedicated to the treatment of cancers related to brain, spine and peripheral nerves.

Features Of Best oncologist specialist in Pune

As we are one of the top oncologists in Pune, we provide the best resources and quality of care to our patients and improve their life living. We are capable of providing quality features such as –

  • Provide top technology and upgraded and latest equipment.
  • facilitate safe and reliable testing, consultation, treatment, and recovery.
  • The proper stock of blood and donor and tools are available on our premises.
  • Believe in spreading awareness about government schemes available to help patients with proper funding.
  • The latest techniques are followed to give new hope to cancer patients in India.

Final Words:

Let’s wrap it up, Oncologist hospital in Pune is blended with the high rated cancer treatment to give satisfactory results and reliving options for cancer patients. There is a cure for cancer patients but in order to recover you need to properly maintain your diet to avoid such deadly cancer. It’s always better to care than cure so maintain proper health checkups and regular diets to stay away from such treatment.

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